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Juan Fiser -Olancho, Honduras / Cattle

Juan Fiser’s story

Juan, 44 years old, is married, and lives with his spouse. He owns a house in the municipality of Patuca Olancho in eastern Honduras and has worked raising animals for many years. He says that it has gone very well for him because, thanks to his business, he has managed to have his property where he works.

He is asking for the loan to purchase calves to graze and, in this way, to continue expanding his cattle-raising business. His dream is to get ahead so that when his family grows, he has the means to respond. With the support of the loan, he will achieve his dreams.

Patuca, Olancho, Honduras

This loan is special because:

It has a below-market interest rate and is repaid at harvest, when farmers can more easily repay.

Sarah – Fort Portal, Uganda / Agriculture

Sarah’s story

Sarah needs a loan to buy fertilizers to apply to her garden. She lives in Fort Portal, Uganda. She is a mother of four children.

She has been farming for 10 years, particularly onions, although sometimes she ventures into dairy farming. She is faced with a challenge of pests and diseases, which have reduced her crop yields. She hopes to use better or improved methods of farming and wants money to buy fertilizers to apply on her onion plantation to get better yields.

This loan is special because:

It helps increase the productivity and income of rural farmers in Uganda.

A loan of $1,225 helped to buy fertilizers to apply to an onion plantation to get better yields.


Timothy – Kangundo, Kenya / Retail

Timothy’s story

Timothy is 63 years old. He is married and blessed with six children. His business is a furniture shop, which he has had for four years.

This is his first loan which he will use to buy tables, sofa sets and other furniture. He will use profits from his expanded business to provide for his family’s basic needs like food, clothing, medical care and school fees.

His hopes and dreams are a sustainable business and a good standard of living for his family.

This loan is special because:

It provides financial services and education in deep rural areas.

A loan of $700 helps to buy tables, sofas and other furniture to sell.

Benjamin – Kamwenge, Uganda / Pigs

Benjamin’s story

Benjamin, who is a married man with one child, has been in this business for over 4 years. His main source of income is from a piggery project that supplements the salary he earns as a parish chief in Kamwenge, Uganda. He wants to use the loan got to buy feeds for pigs for the pigs to be healthy and good looking as, this helps to attract more customers and increase his income. He is challenged by high prices for feed, which limits his ability to buy more.



This loan is special because:

It helps increase the productivity and income of rural farmers in Uganda.

A loan of $425 helps to buy feed for his pigs.

Marco Antonio – Mexico / Personal Medical Expenses

Marco Antonio’s story

Marco is 55 years old. He and his partner are in a common-law relationship. For the past 25 years, he has worked at his own business.

Marco was recently diagnosed with a condition in his eyes that is causing him to gradually lose his vision, which has left him extremely depressed. He is in urgent need of cataract surgery, but unfortunately, he does not have sufficient resources to cover the cost of the operation. Due to this situation, Marco is requesting financial assistance so that he can undergo the procedure as soon as possible. He hopes to regain his vision with the surgery, which would give him great joy and satisfaction.

A loan of $550 helps to pay for cataract surgery.

Damira – Kyrgyzstan / Farming

Damira’s story

Damira is 47 years old, married and has three children. Damira has a high school education. As a source of income for her family, she has worked with livestock breeding and field crop cultivation since 1996. Thanks to Damira’s persistent work, her farm currently has 40 sheep, four horses and 6.43 hectares of irrigated land, on which she grows beans.

With an aim to further develop her business, Damira turned to the bank “Bai Tushum” for a loan in the amount of 50,000 som (KGS) to purchase fertilizers to grow organic beans. A part will also go to purchase livestock, with an aim to increase the income from livestock breeding. Damira plans to invest the income from the loan in further developing her business through increasing her herd and in giving her children a quality education.

A loan of $725 helps to purchase fertilizers to increase her income with a good harvest of organic beans, and to buy livestock to increase her income from livestock breeding.

San Nicolas -Combapata Group – Combapata/Canchis, Peru / Animal Sales

San Nicolas -Combapata Group’s story

Anastacia belongs to the San Nicolas- Combapata communal bank. She is 63 years old and works raising animals. She has been doing this work for a long time and it is going well for her thanks to the effort she puts into her business every day.

She is a responsible person who hopes to earn more income from her business and thus continue supporting her family. This is how she helps her family get ahead.

Anastacia is asking for the loan to buy animals and feed, among other items. The bank members are very grateful for the loan provided and promise to comply with the established loan repayments.

In this group: Anastacia, Gregoria, Elvira, Medali, Luz Amparo, Jaime, Julia

A loan of $2,900 helped a member to buy animals and feed, among other items.

Bertila Oyotún – Chiclayo, Peru / Poultry

Bertila’s story

Bertila is 41 years old. She lives with her husband and their 2 children in a rural area of the Oyotún district. The inhabitants earn a living through farming and commerce. It is located two hours from the town of Chiclayo.

She has earned a living for 4 years rearing and selling animals such as: chickens, ducks, pigs etc. When they reach a good point of development, she offers them for sale to the businesspeople who always visit the area where she lives.

She hopes to invest in the purchase of poultry and their balanced feed to sell them at a better price and generate greater income for her family. To do this she has asked Edpyme Alternativa for a loan of 1500 PEN.

Bertila is an honest and hard-working person, with good personal and professional references. Her greatest wish is for her family to achieve a better quality of life.

A loan of $475 helps to buy poultry and their balanced feed to sell them at a better price and generate greater income for her family.

Jimmy Enrique – Morropón – Piura, Peru / Animal Sales

Jimmy Enrique’s story

Jimmy Enrique, 33, in a civil union, lives with his partner and his two children in their own home in Morropón District, province of Morropón, department of Piura, Peru. He has both very good personal and work references from dwellers in the district. Most inhabitants in this area work in farming, trading, and livestock breeding.

He has over 8 years of experience in raising and selling pigs. He is asking for a loan to buy more animals such as chickens, hens, ducks, etc., as well as feed for them. This way he can make a higher income for himself and his family.

A loan of $325 helps to buy more animals such as chickens, hens, ducks, etc., as well as feed for them.

Manuela – Suchitepéquez, Guatemala / Farming

Manuela’s story

Mauela is a very hard-working person. She has been growing coffee for several years. She says that she has been able expand her crops since she has had access to the loans from ADICLA, which provide her with an increase of working capital. This has contributed to improving the quality of her production, so she wants to continue growing as a coffee producer. That is why she is requesting a loan that she will invest in the purchase of farm supplies for maintaining her coffee crop.

A loan of $850 helps to purchase farm supplies for the maintenance of her crop.

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