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Andres Marcial – San Martin, Peru / Animal Sales

Andres Marcial’s story

Andres Marcial is 44 years old and lives with his family in the small village of Mashuyacu Lt 26, a rural zone in Rioja in the San Martin district which is located 14 hours from the city of Chiclayo. He is an established client who has made his living raising and selling animales such as guinea pigs and chickens for three years. He has lived in the small village of Mashuyacu for 12 years with his wife and four children. The ten year old is in school and the 7, 3, and 1 year old children do not attend any program. He also makes his living growing rice on land he owns with his wife. He owns his own home. On the days he doesn’t work in his field he works as a farm laborer working from 6 am to 5 pm and earning 300 soles per week.

He would like to invest in his business by buying more animals to help him keep up his business. He is also starting to plant rice and needs to buy fertilizers. In order to reach his goals he has requested a loan of 2,501 soles from Edpyme Alternativa. He is an established client with good personal references. His greatest desire is to ensure that his family has a better quality of living.

A loan of $750 helps to buy more animals and fertilizers to keep his business running.

Orlando Jose – Teustepe, Nicaragua / Cattle

Orlando Jose’s story

Orlando, age 40, is a hardworking and responsible man. Above all else, he is extremely dedicated to his business of raising cattle. As a result of this business, he has been able to get ahead and provide a better quality of life for his family, which consists of his wife and two children. Orlando is very grateful to Kiva and MiCrédito for the unconditional support he has received from both organizations. Thanks to the assistance, he has been able to gradually grow his business.

Given that he has had very good experiences, the loans have become an essential tool to help him grow as a farmer. Today Orlando has approached Kiva and MiCrédito once again to benefit from another loan so that he can continue capitalizing his business. He will use the proceeds to buy feed for his cattle, as well as wire and wooden posts to build another fence since he is no longer able to contain his animals.

In the future, Orlando would like to continue growing his cattle business and acquire new heads of cattle so that he can secure a prosperous future for his family.

A loan of $750 helps to buy cattle feed, as well as wire and wooden posts for building another fence.

Jony – Achica Baja, Bolivia / Cattle

Jony’s story

Jony is 26 years old and has his own house and pasture. His home does not have electricity, but he and his wife manage to support themselves by producing and selling cheese. Jony is the father of a two-year-old child.

He is requesting a loan to buy cattle.

A loan of $1,450 helps to buy cattle.

Mahfuza – Konibodom, Tajikistan / Food Market

Mahfuza is a novice entrepreneur from Konibodom city. She is an ambitious, energetic, and enterprising woman. At 28 years of age, she is starting her own retail business. Mahfuza has obtained a space for a shop and intends to sell groceries. Mahfuza is married. Her husband will help her. She has two daughters and one son, all of whom are still minors. Thus Mahfuza wants to quickly start her business in order to bring in income for the family. Her husband will help her with the retail business. Mahfuza applied for a loan, hoping for help. After buying the goods, she will be able to open her new grocery store. Please support Mahfuza!


She thanks you for your support.

 and printing.

A loan of $325 helps to purchase food products for opening a grocery store.

Mithu – Nepal / Farming

Mithu is 60 years old. In 2003, she established her agriculture business. She has already received and successfully repaid five loans from Patan BPW, and she used her most recent loan to buy fertilizers and seeds.

In the future, she plans to lift up the economic condition of her family.

She thanks you for your support.

 and printing.

A loan of $550 helps to buy seeds and fertilizers.

Walter – La Paz, Bolivia / Sewing

Walter is 45 years old, and survives working as a janitor and caretaker of houses in a municipality of La Paz which is on the outskirts of the city.

Walter also does sewing and printing on clothing and one of his children helps him. As to the other child, this one is studying at the university. Walter is not married but has a partner who also helps him in his printing business. Walter also works as a salaried driver on the weekends.

Walter wants a loan which will serve him to have his sewing machines fixed up. Walter has as a goal to get his two children with university educations so that they have better work opportunities and don’t have to work at several jobs like he does. Walter hopes that the loan will allow him to stop working as a caretaker to work only in transportation and sewing and printing.

A loan of $1,025 helps to do maintenance on his sewing machines.

Regina – Litein, Kenya / Home Energy

Meet Regina, who is a crop and animal farmer, and a mother eager to provide the very best for her family. She states that with her small income, she hasn’t been able to provide sufficient lighting through the electricity in her home. Her family has been using kerosene lamps, despite the toxic fumes that put the family at risk of contracting respiratory diseases.

Regina is kindly appealing for a loan to buy a solar lantern to provide adequate lighting, enabling her children to read well while at home. With the lantern’s dual charging capability, her husband will also be able to efficiently charge his phone. Kindly consider lending to her.

oua in order to pay her daughter’s vocational school tuition fees.

She wishes to see her children as successful individuals in their society

A loan of $100 helped to buy a solar lantern.

Nabila – Chouf, Lebanon / Primary/secondary school costs

Nabila is a 54-year-old married mother of two. She runs her own tailoring business in her house to help her husband cover the needs and expenses of their family. She is a hard worker who has a good reputation among those in her region, and has succeeded in gaining loyal customers throughout the years.

Nabila is applying for a loan from Kiva’s field partner Al Majmoua in order to pay her daughter’s vocational school tuition fees.

She wishes to see her children as successful individuals in their society

A loan of $1,500 helps to pay her daughter’s vocational school tuition fees.

Jesus – Matagalpa, Nicaragua / Farming

loan of $200 will help Jesus finish maintaining his coffee trees. With the growing crisis that Nicaragua suffers, the cost of inputs needed to provide good nutrition has increased. The initial budgets have varied in such a way that, to guarantee productivity of the plants, PAC is granting mini-loans to help the producers. These small loans minimize the risk of low production and ensure that producers have income that improves their standard of living.

This farmer lives in a remote community in the north central zone of Nicaragua. He has been operating his own farm for thirteen years, being an example of effort and vision. His small 3-hectare parcel is administered under the Fair Trade certification, which reduces the price risk when marketing his production.

A loan of $200 helped complete the budget for the maintenance of the borrower’s small coffee farm.

This loan is special because:

It allows farmers to plant trees needed to shade coffee plants.

Dolores Del Carmen – Jiquilisco, El Salvador / Pigs

Dolores is 43 years old. She studied through the 6th grade in school. She’s a single mother, and two of her four children live with her.

Dolores has worked cutting and cleaning loroco (an edible flower) for 6 years. She decided to do this work because of the necessity of getting ahead with her children. Additionally, she works raising pigs.

The loan funds will be invested in buying pigs to fatten and sell, and concentrated food for them.

She dreams of having a field of cattle someday, and also dreams that her children will study and that she will improve her house.

A loan of $300 helps to buy pigs to fatten and sell, and concentrated feed for them.

This loan is special because:

It supports single mothers and other vulnerable women.

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