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Aysheh – Palestine Jabalia, Gaza, Palestine / Home Energy

Aysheh, who appears in the photo, is a 28-year-old married woman lives with her family in Jabalia, Gaza Strip. She tries hard to make her family live in the best conditions and cover all their needs. Her husband works in the public sector, where he earns a low income....

Tomasa – Chichicastenango, El Quiche, Guatemala / Textiles

Eleven Maya K'iche' women formed the Friendship Bridge Trust Bank "Flores De Chontola" located in the state/department of El Quiché. The women in this area are known for wearing their colorful, traditional outfits of embroidered blouses or “huipiles,” woven wrap...

Kyu Kyu’s Group – Myanmar (Burma) / Food Stall

The featured borrower, Kyu Kyu, has a business selling food (Dosa, Puri, boiled mutton) at the corner of the street in Dala township. She is 34 years old and has over 15 years of experience in this business.Her small shop is in a busy area and has potential to...

Ramathan – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania / Home Energy

Ramathan Khabdalla is a 58-year-old, hardworking fundi in Tanzania. Nevertheless, he, his wife and both of their children have to watch the household budget carefully to get through the month. Ramathan Khabdalla knows about the opportunities that come along with...

Miguelina – Bolivia / Agriculture

Miguelina is 49 years old, married, has adult children and her business is the production of maize grain, corn and potato. She does her work in "Punata," a rural area of predominantly agricultural production and known for its traditional beverages made from maize....

Sergio Enrique – Mexico / Food Production/Sales

Sergio is an amazing person. He sells hot dogs in a small food stall. In his town, he is considered an exemplary entrepreneur, since he is the only person that sells hot dogs after 8 pm. Every day he is full of clients, and not only because of the taste of the hot...

Leopoldo Honduras Cortes – Honduras / Home Energy

Leopoldo is 52 years old and lives in the community of Cortes, Honduras, with his wife Marisela and their children. Since he was very young, he has earned his living in farming and fishing, which is how he provides for his household. As a responsible father, he would...

Victor – Atlantida, Honduras / Grocery Store

Victor lives in a community of Atlantida in Honduras He is 26 years old and along with his wife Sindy has raised pigs since he was very young. One of his current goals is to grow a broiler business and make some improvements in his business. He is a very enterprising...

Jose – Nicaragua / Home Energy

José is married and has 2 children. He currently works in farming, growing corn and beans and also plants coffee.In the community where José lives there is no electrical power. That is why he is applying for a loan to buy a solar system to be installed in the home...

Flor De San Jose Yalu Group – Sacatepéquez, Guatemala / Agriculture

Flor De San Jose Yalu Group's story The famous kite festival is held on the Day of the Dead or November 1st in a rural community in the state of Sacatepéquez. Giant kites with intricate designs are flown as a means of communicating with the dead & showing them where...

Fatuma – Tanzania Morogoro, Tanzania – Home Energy

This loan is part of African Solar Rises' efforts to enable households to generate their own energy and replace toxic and expensive sources of light and heat like kerosene, diesel and wood. Solar home systems are much more than a solar lamp and can provide users with...

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