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3d Pen Zone
3D Pen Zone - buy 3D pens and filament refills - 3d Pens, 3D pen reviews, 3D pen store for Pens and accessories - filament refills, 3d Pen art
Freely Give
Help sponsor a child through World Vision every time you make a purchase! When buying anything through Freely Give by clicking on a link to one of our partner stores or services, ( e.g. Chapters, Amazon Canada, BBC Canada Shop etc.) we freely give all the commissions we receive from the sales towards sponsoring children in developing countries through World Vision Canada. VPS -Jan 2015
Gnomes on Dope – G.O.D.
Gnomes on Dope was inspired by the book, Electricity for Beginners, the original edition, (still in a state of disappearance) not to be confused with the Revised Edition (after treatment) Excerpts from Electricity for Beginners. A hedge of protection was developed concurrently with gnomic utterances and pronouncements. The privet is constructed of what on the surface appears “deep” but potentially is just disinformation. VPS = Jan 2015
Healthy Living Connect
Healthy Living Connect - Latest information about nutrition, exercise, diets & weight loss
Neck of the Woods
This community website is intended for the use of residents of 7541 Wellington Road 34. Includes Forums.classified. events messaging etc
Solar Energy Connect
Latest Solar products, solar systems and solar energy news. VPS -January 2015
Strut Yer Stuff
Funky and Affordable Women's Fashion VPS -January 2015
Top Drone Solutions
Top Drone Solutions (TDS) Best Drones - Quadcopters - Showing best prices
Veal Shop
Buy Veal online and Veal products from the Veal Shop. Order Veal and have it shipped direct to you! North America\'s only exclusively Veal Online Store. VPS - January 2015

Managed Websites

Websites we manage for free

A Gift of Wonder
a collection of thoughts and images. “Seeing begins with respect, but wonder is the fuel which sustains vision. To most of us the reality of wonder, its presence in our everyday lives, has become diminished in the process of growing up. The extraordinary has become ordinary, the unfamiliar, familiar, the incredible, credible. We expect that the sun will rise each morning, that spring will follow winter, that the world which grows dark when we close our eyes will reappear when we open them. It is a rare adult who thinks about these things. We forget that it has not always been so.
I love My Life Magazine
Look out World - there is a new movement underway:
ItsSmart.biz is a revenue generating, dynamic profiling engine operating under the appearance of a proven competitive interactive business game. A powerful game for professionals Expands business networks Fun and Engaging for participants Creates chat and interaction between players Allows others to see your strengths immediately One click to Subject Matter Mentors and learning
Ross Blaine
Ross Blaine has been a business mentor for over 60 people and in all cases is proud to say has helped them get a grasp on their business challenges and succeed. With over two decades of growing business ventures and helping leaders turn around struggling enterprises Ross Blaine has the experience and the results are there: 83% proven success rate Produced 4 major industry studies Turned around 6 companies Assisted 3 companies into hyper-growth 17 years as an entrepreneur Implemented “intrepreneuring” programs for 7 major corporations

Websites for charities

websites we manage for charities and organizations

Asia Link Ministreis
Your passion for the lost Your desire to make a difference Your partnership with AsiaLink to see God at work
Hearts for the Children
Hearts for the Children is a ministry located in the mountains of Guatemala, reaching out to children in the villages of the province of Sacatepequez.
Missionary Ventures Canada
Involving People to IMPACT Nations for Christ Missionary Ventures Canada is a Christian interdenominational organization that works with individuals and churches to bring the love and message of Christ to a hurting world. It channels resources for the development of churches, schools, feeding centres, orphanages, and hospitals in over thirty countries. Through sponsorship, indigenous Christian leaders are trained and equipped to establish ministries in their local communities.

Business Websites

Sites we created and manage for money

Green NH3
The technology is now working everyday. GreenNH3 patented machine makes fuel from simply air and water using clean renewable energy.(as low as 50 cents per litre July 2014) Make Green sustainable fuel from air and water at any location where fuel is needed in any quantity, with never before seen GreenGas machines.
OWL Landscape
OWL Landscape - Olaf Stoll - Landscape Contractor & Designer serving Guelph, Ontario and surrounding area
Pretty Chicks Shop
Shop Pretty Chicks for best prices and deals on affordable Womens Clothing. FREE shipping