The gift of shoes

Please contact us for more details on our funding efforts and these children.

Freely Give – Collaborative Network

Communication – Collaboration – Culture

A network of people & resources that work together to build bridges & connections through communication, collaboration & developing a culture of accountability.

  • We are not an organization – we require no finances to survive – we have no board — we are a network.
  • Using efficient and effective ways of delivering the Good News of Jesus Christ ! 

We communicate about:

  • possible projects and outreaches locally and in developing countries.
  • developing a network of bridges – not walls.
  • resources we are and have assembled for your use.


We are building collaborative network of resources:

  • People with a passion for Jesus and sharing the Good News.
  • People with particular skills — doctors, teachers, dentists, plumbers, health care workers, book keepers etc..
  • People who want to collaborate with others.
  • Charities and organizations we partner with.and recommend.
  • Financial resources.

We are a developing a culture based on:

  • a passion for people,
  • truth,
  • Integrity,
  • transparency,
  • responsibility,
  • spreading the Good News by demonstrating it in action.

Bringing light to the world

Our plan is to supply solar lanterns to households paid for either by micro finance loans or in exchange for sell-able products such as woven bracelets. The light will help students study and provide light to provide opportunities to work after the sun sets. READ MORE

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We  lend money through  Kiva which partners with individuals, creating opportunity and alleviating poverty around the world.

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