– What qualities do you
look for in terms of what you think will produce
effective collaboration and what’s your role as CEO in fostering that kind of collaboration? – You look for people that, are not political. People that are not bureaucrats. People that really don’t
care who gets credit. People that are, can privately celebrate the achievement, but not care if their name
is the one in the lights. You know, there are greater
reasons to do things. You look for wicked smart people. You look for people who appreciate different points of view. You look for people that care about that they have an idea at 11 at night and they wanna call and
talk to you about it because they’re so excited about it and they wanna push the idea further and that they believe that somebody can help them
push the idea another step, instead of them doing
everything themselves. I’ve never met anyone at least in my life, maybe they exist, that could do something so incredible by themselves. You know, in companies
with global footprints in our world, in Apple’s world, the reason Apple is special is that we focus on hardware,
software and services. And the magic happens where
those three come together. And so it’s unlikely that somebody that’s
focused on one of those in and of themselves can come up with magic. And so you want people collaborating in such a way that you
can produce these things that can’t be produced otherwise. And you want people to believe in that.