How to Collaborate Effectively If Your Team Is Remote (The Explainer)

How to Collaborate Effectively If Your Team Is Remote (The Explainer)

Our world and our society are constantly changing products and services are becoming more  and more complex and sophisticated new technologies are becoming a big part of our daily lives we’re also now confronting new challenges
such as energy sustainability or global warming Our old ways of solving problems are
becoming obsolete and due to the increasing complexity of our needs and the problems our lifestyle generates it is necessary now to take a holistic
approach to problem solving we’re here defining a new term
interdisciplinaryty or more specifically interdisciplinary thinking but what does that mean? well, interdisciplinarity is the
collaboration between different disciplines or areas of the study to achieve innovative solutions during the
creation process Although the creation process is not linear,
we will assume here that it has four different stages since they have
different characteristics and also a different approach to interdisciplinarity These stages are: research, concept, evaluation, and implementation The research methodology can take many
different shapes but it is always bonded to the increase of knowledge of the
subject. The concept stage is where we use divergent thinking. We set free our minds to come up with as many crazy ideas as
possible to later turn them into innovative solutions or innovative ways of using old solutions The evaluation studies the
feasibility and narrows down the possibilities using convergent thinking the implementation is to take action and
put into operation the product or service Here we need the specialists to develop
the outcome although still well organised, they can work more independently. The evaluation process has traditionally been
a multidisciplinary task Now, it is during the research and concept stages where innovation is born, and therefore where the different perspectives of the different disciplines are gaining more importance It is here when inter-disciplinary thinking comes into action Let’s now think of different disciplines
carrying out their work independently they find a problem and they use the tools
they have to solve it. But that is not enough Usually projects are not only related
just to one area of study They can be analysed from the perspective of
different disciplines Let’s now imagine the outcome as a jigsaw created by the input of the different areas related to the project if they’re working independently they can
only see the information related to their piece of work That can have two negative effects in the
process. It the pieces of work cannot be joint It is a waste of time. On the opposite hand, if their results are too similar, it’s a waste of resources If we get them to think all together from
the beginning it will be easier to think of the project as a whole and to be more precise handling the
resources and information during the process For all those reasons, it is now time to work towards that interdisciplinary collaboration and find out the way to make it effective. It is necessary to develop a solid
platform to enable this process the first to step for that is to identify the barriers that
can come up during this sort of practices Some of those difficulties are very
similar to general teamwork obstacles whereas others are more specific to inter-disciplinarity In first place, it is important to be
aware of the fact that collaboration always happens between people therefore good communication and understanding are vital for its success Gathering different disciplines implies
to bring together different perspectives and when people feel strong about their
ideas it’s easy to pass from discussion to argument Therefore, it is very important that all
the members take an open-minded and respectful approached a discussion. But that doesn’t always happen. If the
communication is not channelled there will always be negative comments such as “that wouldn’t work” or “we don’t do it that
way” There will be people molopolising the
conversation and trying to impose their ideas Sometimes, two professionals can argue even
saying the same or a professional might not participate
just because he does not feel in control of the subject and is afraid of the others’ reaction to his ‘ignorance’ listening to others, sometimes, seems to be really difficult and it is then when parallel conversations start to take place or they can even leave the discussion,
mentally or even physically In order to assure the good
progress of the dialogue it is necessary the presence of an enabler: “a person
who can channel that communication” Apart from this enabler at the
discussion table during the research and concept stages. All the members and their inputs are at the same level. All of them are equals But carrying out a project does not only rely on thinking together It would be naive to believe that at the evaluation stage all the disciplines will have the same weight. There are two main aspects of the team
to be established the member’s contribution their roles
within the team People need to know what they’re meant
to do, how, who with, what for? If those roles are not well distributed
people tend to disperse their efforts and lose track. The group might eventually
achieve the result but it will definitely entail a waste of resources The lack of understanding in the contribution to be played is a common cause of failure in interdisciplinary
collaboration For instance to believe that our input
it will have a bigger impact on the outcome that it will actually have can damage the progress of the project
and usually leads to frustration and unnecessary competitiveness All the members of the team are
individuals with their own background, goals, motivations and agenda and it is important to identify what
everyone expects to achieve with their participation in the project as well as to assure that those reasons
fit into the global aims of the job In a big project, it might happen
that one discipline is subordinated to the main domain being used mostly as a tool, and without
much voice in the over-all project If this is not settled down from the
beginning it is probable to end up losing that collaboration Another obstacle for the good dynamics of the team is the discrepancy between self-perception and external
perception we take for granted that the people
around us see and understand our actions as we do they can like it or not, but they see
the same we do but unfortunately that is not always the
case and that difference of perception can bring confusion and serious
misunderstandings but we found out something very
interesting in our research and it is that the team actually has a
very solid opinion about the rest of the members If you ask individually to the members
of the team the personal and professional qualities of the rest of their colleagues they will have a very similar opinions about their teammates That leads to think that the team
perception is right whether that opinion matches with the self-perception or not But why does that discrepancy happen?
Well we can find several reasons for this fact. In first place it might happen that the self-perception is just wrong, and our idea of how our behaviour does not match reality It might also happen that our view of ourselves is based on a previous experience which wasn’t shared with
the rest of the members and therefore they cannot to use that
information to form their judgement finally it is also possible that our reasoning is not coming across and people cannot work out the motivation
of our actions. That’s why providing a framework for a feedback is so important To finalise, just to say that
interdisciplinary thinking as a business strategy has a great
potential It is actually becoming a need because
of the new challenges that our world present and the obsolete way of problem
solving we still use. It is the best path to innovation and it can help us to save time and resources It can be used in any sort of project, and in any sort of field, as long as it is necessary to think It is to be used at the beginning of the
process, in the research and concept stages. Interdisciplinarity is a team activity
and as we have seen the communication and understanding are essential as well as a good coordination of the roles and contributions of the different areas We have also stated the importance of
providing feedback for the improvement of the team dynamics Otherwise it has been also mentioned the
need of an enabler to channel that interaction between the team Finally, it is worth to point out that
interdisciplinarity is a great opportunity for designers Design is one of the areas of study focused on provoking creativity and specialized in the thinking process. Otherwise it is also an area based on collaboration with a long experience in

Shorten Your Sales Cycle – Adopt Online Collaboration

Gone are the days when a sales representative had to visit the prospective clients to inform about the benefits of products or services. With the help of Internet, the functions and advantages of the products can be easily demonstrated to the potential customers. Therefore, more and more companies are creating and using online demos to increase their sales and reducing the operational costs.

With the introduction of online demos, sales cycles have become shorter and hassle-free. Moreover, these demos enable business organisations to expand their operations beyond geographical borders. The best advantage of using this technology is that it allows users to share desktop, which results in convenient transfer of files. Participants can also use whiteboard in order to interact with each other conveniently. Using whiteboard, they make sure that the actions on desktop are visible to the entire group on either side.

Since the technology is evolving rapidly, the Internet demonstrations are becoming more and more productive. And when it comes to country like Singapore, the online presentations are even more useful as most of the business organisations in the nation prefer online meetings.

There are numerous organisations in Singapore that rely on web conferencing for demonstrating their products and services to their geographically spread clients. Through online demos, the local companies, besides presenting their existing range, can provide a glimpse of their upcoming offerings.

Singapore is a hub of numerous multinationals and the internet presentations are a huge success in this country. The main reason behind this success is that online demos consume less time as compared to in-person meetings. Though several airports, railways lines and highways are being constructed, travelling takes a lot of time while fulfilling airport, check-in and Visa formalities. Therefore, online demonstrations seem to be the best option for all those companies which are willing to increase their revenue while spending less time on travelling.

There are various CSPs providing reliable and cost-effective services for hosting online demonstrations. These service providers employ latest equipment to help demonstrate products’ features in 2D as well as 3D mode. Moreover, they provide support throughout the meeting and ensure that the host does not come across any trouble while describing the functionalities of products. Since there are various service providers, it is a bit difficult to find a trustworthy vendor. In this case, a thorough market research can be conducted to narrow down the search for a credible CSP. The market research also helps in selecting a CSP that offers best services at reasonable prices.

Benefits of Video Calling for Businesses

Video calling for businesses has come a long way. It is no more an expensive system in a large conference room, which needs IT personnel at every step. In fact, today companies large and small are adapting video as part of their day to day operations.

Here are top benefits of video conferencing for HR professionals-

1. Job interviews – Group video calling, better known as video conferencing is one of the best technologies HR can use to attract, retain and develop millennial employees. As per Redshift’s research, a majority of HR professionals use video calls as a preferred method of communication, more than emails and phone calls. The survey tells that video interviews are as good as in person interviews, and beats phone calls when it comes to making good hiring decisions. Video interviews remove the constraints of geographical boundaries for talent acquisition. Niche companies often require candidates with unique skills sets, and video calls make it possible to hire the best talent for the position from anywhere in the world.

2. Employee trainings – On boarding employees comes with its own challenges. Most companies have to fly a trainer to remote areas to impart training to new employees or relocate their new employees. These traditional ways have serious drawbacks: they are very costly, ineffective and involve stressful travel. Video conferencing is cost-effective to provide hands-on training to employees located in different areas. It requires no travel and results in better engagement and learning of new employees.

3. Marketing the products – Providing live demos and interactive and engaging but has its own drawbacks like reaching a smaller audience, leading to limited sales. On the contrary, marketing your products through video calling has many advantages. Your market is huge as you can reach a larger audience across the world via video calls. Live video demonstrations like video conference demos give you an advantage over traditional methods: the reach of a pre-recorded video and grip of a live demo.

4. Enhanced collaboration– Video conferencing not only has enormous benefits for businesses but also employees. Often hiring the best talent can be challenging due to commuting to far off places. The traditional workplace is on its way out as worldwide collaboration and remote teams become more common. Many big brands like Amazon have witnessed major benefits of allowing workers to telecommute with the support of a good video conferencing system.

The advantages of free video calling, conferencing and video chatting are enormous. There are many video conferencing and chatting apps available in the market that bridges the gap between employers and employees, leading to a productive workplace. Video conferencing has become a day to day necessity for not only organizations but people across the world.

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To attain his business goals and objectives within a stipulated time frame, an entrepreneur must identify the right caliber of people in a view to assemble a truly productive team.

The need for effective teamwork cannot be overemphasized. It is critical for any business. In fact, the strength of your business could be seen in terms of your teamwork.

An entrepreneur, who aspires to be successful in the face of ever threatening competition, must scan the environment for three types of people. ( click for complete article )

Collaborative Learning Builds Deeper Understanding

Collaborative Learning Builds Deeper Understanding

Here at the college preparatory school in Oakland California collaborative learning is one of the most important ways our students learn and grow in math we work in groups every day asking each other questions before we ask the teacher
In English we lead our own round table discussions to deepen our understanding of the books we read how much prep is one of the top private high schools in the country and a terrific model for collaborative learning.
The good news their practices are both Collaboration and affordable take a look at what they do for their students it may change what you decide to do for yours [Music] cocked prep-school is a 52 year old school it was founded by two women who had a strong vision of a place where academics could really thrive the collaborative teaching and learning that we do here is really distinctive individual work can be a great way to master content
How To Write A Brand Collaboration Email | A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Write A Brand Collaboration Email | A Step-By-Step Guide

 I’m a little crooked here okay that’s much better in a today’s video
I am going to be breaking down the brand collaboration pitch email yes we are  going to break it all the way down and I’m going to be telling you every single thing that you should be including in your brand pitch email all right so
if you are ready to learn about that go ahead and take a second to grab your pen a paper maybe a little drink and let’s go okay so first things first what the heck is a brand collaboration email onye and why are you making a whole video on it let me tell you why it’s so important to you especially if you are an influencer so a brand collaboration email is pretty much something that you
send to a brand asking them if they are open to collaborating with you that is the short of it there really isn’t it much more so it is your way of pitching yourself to a brand and getting on their radar okay much better okay so why is it so important especially for micro influencers um in a perfect world brands will be knocking at your door saying hey I want to work with you and on top of that I want to pay you that’s in a perfect world, unfortunately, this is not a perfect world and if you’re a micro influencer even if you’re a big influencer sometimes you have to go knocking on the door of opportunity right that’s where your brand collaboration email comes into.