“Word on Fire Show” … With me in the back seat of the car, descending down the Scottish and now English landscape is Bishop Robert Barron. Bishop? This is crazy … I had this trip written in my diary more than a year ago … And then they invited me to speak at the World Family Meeting and so, about 10 days ago, we were in Ireland. But it actually turned into a missionary trip to the United Kingdom and … When you come across the sea and give a speech, you are actually evangelizing. So we made these amazing videos to show the beauty of faith in action in these countries. Thank you for your presence, for your great response today. That means a lot to the Church, which, as you know, is going through painful times. I thought a lot about what I would say … And what kept coming back to me was: “He’s talking about Jesus.” “He’s talking about Jesus.” You see, Christianity is not originally a philosophy. Christianity is a relationship with this Jesus. Therefore, the renewal of the Church must always first have to do with the return to Jesus Christ. Where do we learn this? In a family, where everyone looks not at themselves, but at God together. The human heart is dependent on God. When we forget God, something extremely bad happens to human beings. When Christ is the center of our lives then the rest of our lives tends toward harmony around that center. When the Son of Man is exalted, it will attract all people to itself. The separating power of sin is overcome by the mighty work of God’s gathering. The Church is not interested in spiritual mediocrity. It calls people to holiness. Being holy means being heroically virtuous, right? To love is not a feeling, a feeling, nor is it love for myself through another. To love means to come out of the black hole of my self-consideration, which draws everything into itself, and to really want the good of another. After the word of consecration, the holiest words in the Mass are: “Ite, missa est.” “Go, Mass is over!” No one in the Bible is given the experience of God without a mission. Everyone in the Bible, after meeting the Lord – is sent! So we, we who believe in Jesus Christ have this immense responsibility to proclaim him! After we received the body and blood of the Lord, we ate and drank from it, we are sent. And today you don’t have to cross the ocean to get to the mission area, do you? As soon as you walk out the door of any church in the Western world, you are in a missionary country. People who lose their sense of God, their sense of the transcendent … They need us! We who are baptized at Mass we are now sent to the Christian world. Go and bring the light you have seen, bring to the world the Christ you have become.