The Friendship Bridge Trust Bank “Renacer Sumpango” consists of 7 ladies who live in the department / state of Sacatepéquez in the center of Guatemala. They are beginning their 3rd loan cycle with Kiva. These women strive to expand their businesses that include traditional textile production, as well as the sales of fruits, vegetables & tortillas.Esmeralda, the President of the group, is 29 years old. She is married and has a 6th grade education. Esmeralda has 3 daughters who range in age from 8-12. They all attend school.

Esmeralda has a traditional textile business and she weaves wraps around tube skirts called “cortes” that she sells in the local market. With a loan, Esmeralda will buy a floor loom called a “telar” to weave her textiles faster & increase sales. Her goal is to have her own store to sell her textiles. She says she has learned a lot from Friendship Bridge including how to work in a group & motivate herself.

The women meet monthly to make loan payments & participate in educational trainings, part of the “Microcredit Plus” program of loans, education & health care services. Through these activities, women learn about business skills, health, family issues & how to empower themselves.

With the help of the Kiva lenders who partner with Friendship Bridge, these women are changing their lives. Thank you, Kiva investors, for your kindness in financing these much appreciated loans.

In this group: Esmeralda, Yolanda, Carmelina Yolanda, Silvia , Adela, Marta Leticia, Maria Magdalena

This loan is special because:

Clients receive in-depth trainings on business, health, over-indebtedness, and self-esteem.

A loan of $2,825 helps a member to buy a floor loom called a “telar” to weave her textiles faster & increase sales.