Everyone’s got to eat, even if you’re sheltering in place. Fortunately, modern technology has made it easier than ever to get your groceries delivered directly to your doorstep, so you don’t have to brave the outside world during a global pandemic. Just remember to tip your delivery person for their efforts.

Here are five grocery delivery services you might want to consider to fill your pantries without leaving the house.

Amazon Fresh

Delivery Fee: Free with order of $35 or more

Availability: Over 2,000 cities

Membership required: Yes, an Amazon Prime subscription is required.

Amazon Delivery lets you choose from a wide range of groceries online from select national brands. It also gives you the option to order from the Amazon-owned Whole Foods. Currently the service is only available to Amazon Prime members, but if you already have a subscription, it couldn’t be more convenient.


Delivery Fee: $3.99 with order of $10 or more, free with Instacart Express subscription

Availability: 40 states

Membership required: No, though Instacart Express subscription is available for regular users at $9.99/month, or $99/year.

Instacart lets you shop at the supermarkets in your area. Local shoppers pick up groceries based on your selection, and Instacart makes it easy to choose “substitute” items in case your first choice is out of stock. Best of all, you don’t have to be a member, so you can try it out once or twice without longer commitment for a $3.99 delivery fee.

Walmart Grocery

Delivery Fee: $7.95 to $9.95, free with Walmart Delivery Unlimited

Availability: 1,600 cities

Membership required: No

This app is great if you live near a Walmart, because it offers both grocery products and other items you might buy at the store. Plus, it has a convenient mobile app, so you can order groceries, etc. straight from your phone!

Fresh Direct

Delivery Fee: $5.99-$15.99

Availability: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Washington D.C.

Membership required: No

Though it’s only available in a few northeastern states, Fresh Direct offers a huge sampling of quality groceries as well as pre-made meals. Ingredients are often organic or high-quality, and some regions even allow you to order alcohol from the site.

Google Shopping

Delivery Fee: Free with minimum order of $35

Availability: Everywhere

Membership required: No

Google Shopping does not deliver perishable or fresh groceries like the above options, but it will deliver non-perishables like pasta, canned goods, and coffee. You can even use Google Shopping to stock-up bulk quantities of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and soap.