[Music] [Music] you guys all think India’s dirty right but India is changing we have swatch butter we have these other clean India campaigns and some cities have taken it to heart more than others like Indore Madhya Pradesh or this eco village here in Nagaland it’s the green eco village we’re going to visit right now as soon as we find it right there Sumer and what a sumo is is a four-wheel drive taxi which you just cram as many people into it as possible that’s gonna be an experience let’s do it right now hey we found a sumo I actually don’t know if it’s a sumo yet it might be a private vehicle you might be hitchhiking right now let’s see we just flag down whatever we could find that’s what a sumo looks like jam-packed two people and bags on top oh right hey sure thank you so much thank you guys so much for picking us up we really appreciate it and what are you doing here great thank you so much for your hospitality you’re a Good Samaritan then that’s what you are I always wanted to come here and kind of see the Indian tribal people and the culture and how they live in advance and the music did you hear about the missionary who went to North Sentinel island recently yes so that was a very yes very strange thing he was a combat medic um interesting yes yeah maybe a bit too much committed okay little bit a little bit I think we’re talking about somebody different this guy Mike Chow he went to North Sentinel island here in India and it’s where these tribal people live and they haven’t been contacted by the outside world at all and they’re protected by the Indian government you’re not allowed to visit them else because they are protect the people in dinner when Outsiders coming in because lost and Outsiders came in they kidnapped the number of the villagers emmys and they were died and so these people are untouched they’ve never been it’s never really met civilization so they’re protected and this guy went there and they warned them by shooting arrows at him but he kept going and he landed on their small little island and anyone who lands he gets killed straight away like fishermen have landed there by mistaken that you get killed by them because they’re very afraid of the outside world so he went there yes he went there knowing he shouldn’t be going there and that’s what happened to unfortunately and you’re say death is no threat although I’m not looking for yeah no I’m not ready to meet whoever’s there yet I just like a little more time here yeah yeah exactly you gotta be ready because you never know especially on these roads Oh the improved lasers were read how to raise the gospel of this headhunting is seen Killingly seen so God loves us i policy that was the gospel so they happily took that gospel and went to next village and we didn’t thirty years time you are about 100 mysteries or evangelist your own American is 9/10 peace 1950 this mysteries planted about 1000 on shifted thousands of discharges Wow this is Papa ninety-nine point [Music] some Michelin is reliable I had had their starter soul hunters yeah if not today we’ll be killing one another oh I’m glad you’re not doing that missionaries when they go to remote places they literally local language for their town he translate the Bible into those local language translated by our campus with a help okay but seeing this great transformation is going on in in their government kakaw old American histories from 1950 okay are they still doing that because it’s BJP empower 2010 American missionaries allowed to visit [Music] yeah before 2010 no you can visit anywhere in India but not heartland evening government is so scare that yep all the Indians nah got some freedom Kristin already become Krishna yeah [Music] if Nagas get some kinds of training from my god convert all the Christina all the Hitler invades into festivities of a Sofia yeah in 30 years time order four billion people yep you get the feeling the government is trying to oppose that [Music] yes dormant title of course and by making us poor oh that’s why there’s no rose in debt because fine at the same time affecting an everyday they were happy now an army Oh separatists humane we don’t call them separatists what do you pull them history by force india meg now got to be under Indian okay okay India also provide special clothes on your constitute Indian Constitution yeah yes you know that’s when we have a different constitutional so Indians can come and live and do business here yeah but that also stopping businesses starting up here and I well coming into the region we can close any business if you don’t pay taxes how are they going to therapy routes see like the tanks the holy text in governmental get lease whatever goods they bring from Kolkata yeah from that Goodson insolence Len takes no nothing government doesn’t have enough funds to provide all these services to you’re sounding like BJP here come on Modi supporter Modi supporter they leave their back in Delhi please yeah in in some other ways in other way they are extracting our patronum mm that’s a resources natural resources a lot of natural resources and wrapping down all those trees and stones all these minerals and mining going on here they have to take permission from the villages races we have and you get to share from that yeah such a complicated region and all the difference for the take center yeah you are the separate ministry for the Maltese it’s complicated I know I’m going to have it yeah not because I’m good but because what just did for me ah you sure he died in cool good I’m happy for you [Music] yeah I’ll work it out eventually I never have to make a choice who to believe I like everybody I find nice things in Islam I find nice things in Hinduism I find nice things in Buddhism there’s nice things about every religion I find in Christianity – nice ideas I mean you know it’s your choice yeah yeah exactly yeah did not believe that Jesus was dog from my central idea that stuff yeah so am i heard of that I knew I had sin my sin did bother me and then I realized I sitting it’s a holy God I responded to the gospel I accept the Lord as my savior but the reason I did that I tell you what I tell you what put all together for me and he’s alive he rolls through that on the third day yep I don’t have what that safer I did before when I was following the dead Savior God and his resurrection is proof that what he said and did for us was accepted by God his payment for my sin I’m forgiven through them yes we’ve outreach I’m taken he is the only one that offers life as a gift everyone else offers and conditions to receive it yeah I certainly don’t deserve it but yet he offers his love to me he offers grace to me and so I’ve got a risen Savior that’s what really spoke to my heart and there’s such relief when you do trust the Lord as your Savior my life changed okay thank you so much god bless you goodbye thank you thank you thank you yes we will if not in heaven I’m in heaven oh my god those people were really interesting they were good Samaritans helping us out but they were also Christian separatists who are trying to free Nagaland away from the Indian government and so it was a really interesting experience to sit with them and hear their side of the story and so this two sides to the strength is the tip for the side they want a free Nagaland a free Christian Nagaland then is the other side which is the government side the Hindu government side in NATO one from any of this they weren’t not going to save part of India it’s a both sides of work against each other to achieve what they want and I don’t know who’s right or who’s wrong as conflict so I’ll just leave it at that and you guys make up your own mind okay [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome to Konoha Karuma is right behind this sign on the left here [Applause] my message for you is I love you no matter what religion caste or creed that you are the important thing is is that we treat each other fairly and that we respect each other we treat each other fairly and we respect each other’s beliefs then we can all live peacefully together and we can keep India United India should remain as one we should all remain united we have to treat each other fairly and respect each other to do that guys [Music] you [Music]