I’m a little crooked here okay that’s much better in a today’s video
I am going to be breaking down the brand collaboration pitch email yes we are  going to break it all the way down and I’m going to be telling you every single thing that you should be including in your brand pitch email all right so
if you are ready to learn about that go ahead and take a second to grab your pen a paper maybe a little drink and let’s go okay so first things first what the heck is a brand collaboration email onye and why are you making a whole video on it let me tell you why it’s so important to you especially if you are an influencer so a brand collaboration email is pretty much something that you
send to a brand asking them if they are open to collaborating with you that is the short of it there really isn’t it much more so it is your way of pitching yourself to a brand and getting on their radar okay much better okay so why is it so important especially for micro influencers um in a perfect world brands will be knocking at your door saying hey I want to work with you and on top of that I want to pay you that’s in a perfect world, unfortunately, this is not a perfect world and if you’re a micro influencer even if you’re a big influencer sometimes you have to go knocking on the door of opportunity right that’s where your brand collaboration email comes into.