Jane is a repeat Kiva borrower who has a perfect credit rating. She is a hardworking farmer from a remote village in the Kitale area of Kenya, which is an area favorable for farming. Thanks to her daily efforts, she has managed to give her children a good start by providing them with a good quality education.

Jane has a farm where she grows crops and raises livestock (sheep and cows). She earns additional income from a personal business. She never had a formal education and is content with the farming lifestyle.

Jane requested a loan from Juhudi Kilimo for 50,000 KES. She will use this loan to buy farm inputs such as fertilizer and seeds, which will enable her to grow more vegetables, reap maximum profits, and increase her business.

Being a woman and accessing funds in Kenya, especially around Kitale, is very challenging. However, Jane feels relieved knowing that there are institutions such as Kiva that help enterprising women like herself.

She is always working to improve her family’s living conditions, but her biggest dreams are to become independent and support her family by herself, to secure her children’s future, and to buy a home.

This loan is special because:

It finances smallholder farmers to purchase dairy cows, chickens, cereals and farming equipment.