Leopoldo Honduras Cortes – Honduras

Home Energy

Leopoldo is 52 years old and lives in the community of Cortes, Honduras, with his wife Marisela and their children. Since he was very young, he has earned his living in farming and fishing, which is how he provides for his household.

As a responsible father, he would like to be able to give his children the best education possible and a good standard of living, so some time ago, he acquired a solar lighting system that greatly improved his household conditions. In his community, there is no access to electrical energy service. With this system, they stopped using candles and kerosene lamps, which are hazardous to health.

With time, though, some components of the system have stopped functioning efficiently. He has decided to replace them by requesting a loan from Soluz Honduras for the purchase of a sustainable package of solar products (battery and control panel), which will help him to reactivate and expand his household solar energy system.

This loan is special because:

It will enable families to continue having access to solar energy.

A loan of $275 helps to purchase a sustainable package of solar product (control panel and battery) in order to expand his household’s solar energy system.