LebanonA portion of Atheer Group’s $4,800 loan helps a member to increase her merchandise with newly released items. ( our contribution = $25 )

Chouf, Lebanon
Oumayya is the featured borrower of the Atheer group. She joined with the other group members to acquire a loan from Kiva partner, Al Majmoua, because they have always been neighbors and friends.
Oumayya is a 45-year-old married mother of four children. She has been working in her home products sales shop for seven years. She is a hard worker with a very good reputation. She makes an effort to update her shop with newly released items in order to keep her customers pleased and excited to check new collections.She has applied for a loan that will be invested in supporting her business through diversifying her products with newly released items. She is planning to start a new ‘balloons and flowers’ shop in the future when she can afford the opening expenses.
Oumayya is the one wearing grey, the second one sitting from the right side. As for the other members, Zeina is the lady standing, wearing dark blue, Ibtissam is wearing blue sitting at the far right of the picture, and Juliet is the one in the pink shirt at the left.
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