Mary lives in Gatundu South, Kenya. She works hard to produce quality in her crops. She has four cows, fifteen chickens, two rabbits and four sheep. Currently, she is spending excessive amounts on petroleum-based fertilizers, and the cost continues to rise. She also believes that chemical fertilizer damages the quality of her crops and worries about the impact of chemical products on her local environment.

Mary wants to reduce her operating costs and considers her investment in buying a biodigester Sistema Biobolsa as an excellent opportunity. Using her biodigester, she can convert the manure that her animals generate daily in her farm in biofertilizer and renewable energy. She will feed the system with manure and through an anaerobic digestion process, the organic waste will be transformed into organic fertilizers and powerful biogas, renewable and rich in methane. The biofertilizer will be applied to her crops, improving quality and yields without having to spend more on petrochemical-based agrochemical fertilizers. The biogas will replace the propane she currently uses to cook and to heat the bath water for her family.

This loan represents 64% of the total price of the biodigester; the remaining part was covered by an initial payment in cash and a government subsidy.

A loan of $500 helps to buy a biodigester to expand her local business.

This loan is special because:

It saves farmers money by transforming waste into biogas and organic fertilizer.