Miguelina is 49 years old, married, has adult children and her business is the production of maize grain, corn and potato.

She does her work in “Punata,” a rural area of predominantly agricultural production and known for its traditional beverages made from maize.

Miguelina lives with her family on one side of their crops. She has 5 hectares distributed between maize and potato. The production cycle is 6 months. The tools that help her are a sprayer, 10 hoes, 2 paddles, 2 trucks and 4 oxen that pull the plow. She makes her sales 2 days per week in two close-by communities. It is time to prepare the land and she needs to provide it with seeds, fertilizer and hire labor to remove the land and fertilize the soil. The advantage is that she has access to 2 weekly markets, and the disadvantage is the lack of rain.

Her dream is to dig another water well and buy more land. She wants to work the land to begin planting. With this loan she will buy seed and organic fertilizer, pay the rent for the machinery and hire labor. It is the first loan that she would receive from the institution in all her life.

It is for these reasons that Miguelina applies for a loan to buy fertilizer to prepare the land and begin planting of maize and with the benefits she will dig a water well.

A loan of $1,450 helps to buy organic fertilizer to prepare the land and begin to plant maize, and with the benefits she will dig a water well.


Miguelina – Bolivia