Orlando Jose’s story

Orlando, age 40, is a hardworking and responsible man. Above all else, he is extremely dedicated to his business of raising cattle. As a result of this business, he has been able to get ahead and provide a better quality of life for his family, which consists of his wife and two children. Orlando is very grateful to Kiva and MiCrédito for the unconditional support he has received from both organizations. Thanks to the assistance, he has been able to gradually grow his business.

Given that he has had very good experiences, the loans have become an essential tool to help him grow as a farmer. Today Orlando has approached Kiva and MiCrédito once again to benefit from another loan so that he can continue capitalizing his business. He will use the proceeds to buy feed for his cattle, as well as wire and wooden posts to build another fence since he is no longer able to contain his animals.

In the future, Orlando would like to continue growing his cattle business and acquire new heads of cattle so that he can secure a prosperous future for his family.

A loan of $750 helps to buy cattle feed, as well as wire and wooden posts for building another fence.