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GnomeSanctuary – Our ETSY Store. Custom 3D prints,laser engraving, prints,wood routing. Original art

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Strut Yer Stuff  – low cost clothing for Women Clothing, Men Clothing, Kids Clothing

Baby Jonesy  – Baby clothes, Baby and Toddler Toys, Baby care, nursery, potty training, stroller and accessories, Baby stationary, Baby car seats,Pregnancy and Maternity

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Top Pet Supply –  For Dogs, Cats, Fish & Aquatic Pets, Horses, Reptiles & Amphibians, Birds, Small Animals

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AsiaLink Canada For over 40 years AsiaLink has been involved in creatively fulfilling the great Commission through partnering, training, helping and serving. AsiaLink is a Christian mission agency linking churches in Canada and the USA with ministry among the unreached peoples of Asia. Our passion and vision responds to the heartbeat of God for those in Asia who have little or no opportunity to hear the gospel.

Hands for Humanity HELPING PEOPLE HELP THEMSELVES – We are a non-profit interdenominational development missionary organization created to leverage people and resources and bring together churches, charities, relief agencies and communities to focus on making micro and macro effects in developing countries.

Hearts for the Children is a ministry located in the mountains of Guatemala, reaching out to children in the villages of the province of Sacatepequez


Freely Give –  We lend money through  KIVA

Gnomes on Dope was inspired by the book, Electricity for Beginners, the original edition, (still in a state of disappearance) not to be confused with the Revised Edition (after treatment) Excerpts from Electricity for Beginners. A hedge of protection was developed concurrently with gnomic utterances and pronouncements. The privet is constructed of what on the surface appears

Loonie Party of Canada – The first Canadian virtual political party although virtually it crosses all boundaries.The Loonie Party of Canada (OLPC) is Canada’s First Virtual Political party and is not officially associated with the Official Monster Raving Loony Party of the UK OMRLP. although our founder has British roots. Facebook Page


Power + Green NH3 Synthesizer = Zero Emission Fuel for less cost than gas and diesel
Green NH3 is a patented fridge size machine that manufactures green sustainable ammonia (NH3) fuel from air and water at any location where fuel is needed in any quantity required, using clean renewable energy we have two proven green ways to make the fuel and three green ways to use it. For 10+ years we’ve had the answer to carbon pollution.

A Gift Of Wonder “Seeing begins with respect, but wonder is the fuel which sustains vision. To most of us the reality of wonder, its presence in our everyday lives, has become diminished in the process of growing up. The extraordinary has become ordinary, the unfamiliar, familiar, the incredible, credible. We expect that the sun will rise each morning, that spring will follow winter, that the world which grows dark when we close our eyes will reappear when we open them. It is a rare adult who thinks about these things. We forget that it has not always been so.

Ross Blaine has been a business mentor for over 60 people and in all cases is proud to say has helped them get a grasp on their business challenges and succeed. With over two decades of growing business ventures and helping leaders turn around struggling enterprises Ross Blaine has the experience and the results are there: 83% proven success rate Produced 4 major industry studies Turned around 6 companies Assisted 3 companies into hyper-growth 17 years as an entrepreneur Implemented “intrepreneuring” programs for 7 major corporations

Artwork by Linda Blakney. Painting for me is a means of expressing my imagination rather than depicting things as they are seen. I am guided by my desire to make sense of disparate ideas and sensations to create new complex and visually interesting perspectives.