Pedro and his wife earn a living through growing potatoes. He is 36 years old, and is the father of one child. He does his job in Betanzos, a rural zone which attracts a lot of visitors to its caverns adorned with cave paintings. Pedro and his family live in their own home, there they have farming lands that were transferred to him through inheritance.

His job is potato production, his work is manual and is carried out by the couple with the help of a fumigator backpack, a plough, shovels and pillories. To ensure the harvest, he has a system of irrigation through a water pump. The sales are made according to demand in the local market on Sundays.

To continue producing potatoes they need to turn the earth, fertilise it, fumigate it and seed it. The advantage is that he sells the harvest according to the demand, the problem is covering the initial expense. His dream is to buy machinery which will help with the heavy work. He hopes to start the productive cycle.

With this loan, he will buy organic fertilizer, insecticide and potato seeds. It is the third loan that he has received from the institution in the 15 years that he has been carrying out this work. It is for these reasons that Pedro is asking for a loan to buy farming supplies to sow potatoes and start the productive cycle.

A loan of $875 helps to buy farming supplies to sow potatoes and to start the productive cycle.