The eight Maya K’iche women in the Friendship Bridge Trust Bank “Pensamiento”, located in the state of Solola, are anticipating a successful future as they begin their first loan cycle with KIVA. They will invest the loans into their traditional textile business, making and selling woven wraparound skirts or “cortes” and colorful embroidered ornate blouses or “huipiles”, as well as beautiful handkerchiefs and belts. Because they have little or no formal education, they empower themselves by participating in monthly educational trainings, part of the “Microcredit Plus” program of loans, education, and healthcare services. The ladies acquire business tools and learn about health, nutrition, hygiene, and how to prioritize expenses.

Magdalena is a 30-year-old mother of three children who range in age from 6-16 and has a teaching certificate, specializing in kindergarten. She makes her income with her traditional textile business and sells her textiles locally. She wants to expand into new markets so that she can create additional income, saving some so that each of her children can finish high school. Magdalena is requesting a loan to buy wholesale high quality thread in various colors and fabric for her “huipiles” & “cortes”. She employs eight other women so that she can deliver five complete outfits each month. Her employees are then able to support their own families! It is a real “win-win”!

This loan is special because:

Clients receive in-depth trainings on business, health, over-indebtedness, and self-esteem.