Ramathan – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Home Energy

Ramathan Khabdalla is a 58-year-old, hardworking fundi in Tanzania. Nevertheless, he, his wife and both of their children have to watch the household budget carefully to get through the month.

Ramathan Khabdalla knows about the opportunities that come along with education. Therefore, he wants to offer his children a good education, and by now, all of them attend a nearby school.

To support them with their studies, Ramathan Khabdalla wants to buy a solar home system so that his children have more time for studying during the evening. Moreover, the family could get rid of the kerosene lamps they use at the moment, which cause severe health problems.

The solar system can also charge cell phones, which will increase the family’s income, as they can charge phones for their neighbors. Ramathan Khabdalla hopes that Kiva lenders support him so that he can buy a solar system for his family.

A loan of $475 helps to pay for his solar home system.