Sergio Enrique – Mexico

Food Production/Sales

Sergio is an amazing person. He sells hot dogs in a small food stall. In his town, he is considered an exemplary entrepreneur, since he is the only person that sells hot dogs after 8 pm. Every day he is full of clients, and not only because of the taste of the hot dogs, but also for his personality; it’s so wonderful that it attracts people. He wants to grow; he wants to put up a restaurant, but he has a lot of problems. After 8pm, it gets really dark and he wants his clients to have visibility. Also, having light will increase his daily income since more clients will be attracted. This business will help Sergio not only to grow personally, but also he will be much more productive. He will be able to accomplish his dreams, and this way he will be able to give his kids a very good education.

A loan of $275 helps to purchase a solar energy home system to have a healthier energy source and be much more productive.