God’s will for alienated people can only be seen when we look at the cross of Jesus Christ Because when Jesus died on the cross He died for all people.
He died for every soul that lives in darkness.
In Mongolia, there is a dark legend about the Mother Tree which is considered the gateway to the spiritual world
And they believe that if they find a clearing with only one tree then they found the Holy Tree and worship it.
Mongols are nomads, they are constantly moving. following your herds without stopping always looking for the next place But they are nomads not only in the physical world, But also in the spiritual.
And so we went to Mongolia with one purpose Listen Because when you listen to the stories of alienated what you hear is the heartbeat of God.
This is Dolgor She began a ministry that takes care of hundreds of homeless children. who live in a local landfill.
Many of these children are abandoned by their families. and some freeze to death every winter.
But every morning, buses arrive at the landfill and take the children to the city. where Dolgor gives them free education and food She also produces clean water in a landfill,
And he builds houses near the source so that the children live in them.
When we arrived at this garbage place, we saw one gentleman who was carrying a huge bag.
I immediately opened the window and took a picture.
This picture shocked me and remained in my head forever I don’t think that I have the courage to approach him to tell him that God loves him,
He will look at us and perhaps say. “Why should I believe your god?” “Your god is not good to me” Jesus did not just talk about love, he showed it.
He healed the sick, fed the hungry, and comforted the suffering. We realized that we could not just appear and preach to them.
We should have earned the right to speak of our faith, Proving that God also takes care of them.
(Narra is a Mongolian shepherd) In 1993, my family was in a very difficult, poor situation.
One of the missionaries shared the gospel with us I was very young and did not understand him.
But one night I just prayed and He said “You are my daughter” Naraa realized who she was and to whom she belonged.
She became a pastor and founded a church full of children and youth,
With lively worship and Sunday school. But her church, like any church we visited, is fighting for survival.
Mongolia’s economy is indeed in poor shape. The unemployment rate is 27% Most Mongolian people suffer from the economic situation. Therefore, it is very difficult for the church to support its pastor.
There are pastors working full time as taxi drivers. The other pastor we met, Pastor Harleon, has no assistants and alone is the pastor of two separate churches.
I really saw how blessed the Chinese churches in the United States are. But when we look at churches in Mongolia, We see our brothers and sisters
Everything that was given to us should also be given to them, because we are brothers and sisters. As a businessman, I believe that I can overcome everything I can overcome everything through my own abilities.
But the fact is that yesterday we saw that we were facing a huge poverty problem and I realized that I can’t do anything about it. Then the question arises: “God, why did you put me in such a situation?”
God does not call us, because we are capable of everything. because when God calls us, God appoints us.
God does not call us, because we are capable of everything. God has called me, and he wants me to answer the call. not because I can do anything but simply because He called When God called pastor Sofda, she replied: and when she told her husband, he left her. When God called Pastor Heshegi, she also answered: and when she decided to found a church, her father-in-law denied her. But these are the ones that the world rejects these are the honored guests at the king’s table.
See, our God is not like their sacred tree that can be found.
Rather, he sees the lost Sick oppressed orphans and widows and he searches for them until he finds them. and he invites us to do the same. To talk about the gospel that was once told to us.
Bring the wandering dawn of His green pastures. and finally take a break from the search.
Take orphans in the family and homeless to the house. This is the heartbeat of God and for those who hear it, let obedience be our goal compassion on our behalf and His glory is our reward.
The Mother Tree burned down in 2015, ending the pagan era in Mongolia. Currently, more than 50,000 Christians live in Mongolia, and there are more of them.