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How to Collaborate Effectively If Your Team Is Remote (The Explainer)

Our world and our society are constantly changing products and services are becoming more  and more complex and sophisticated new technologies are becoming a big part of our daily lives we’re also now confronting new challenges
such as energy sustainability or global warming Our old ways of solving problems are
becoming obsolete and due to the increasing complexity of our needs and the problems our lifestyle generates it is necessary now to take a holistic
approach to problem solving we’re here defining a new term
interdisciplinaryty or more specifically interdisciplinary thinking but what does that mean? well, interdisciplinarity is the
collaboration between different disciplines or areas of the study to achieve innovative solutions during the
creation process Although the creation process is not linear,
we will assume here that it has four different stages since they have
different characteristics and also a different approach to interdisciplinarity These stages are: research, concept, evaluation, and implementation The research methodology can take many
different shapes but it is always bonded to the increase of knowledge of the
subject. The concept stage is where we use divergent thinking. We set free our minds to come up with as many crazy ideas as
possible to later turn them into innovative solutions or innovative ways of using old solutions The evaluation studies the
feasibility and narrows down the possibilities using convergent thinking the implementation is to take action and
put into operation the product or service Here we need the specialists to develop
the outcome although still well organised, they can work more independently. The evaluation process has traditionally been
a multidisciplinary task Now, it is during the research and concept stages where innovation is born, and therefore where the different perspectives of the different disciplines are gaining more importance It is here when inter-disciplinary thinking comes into action Let’s now think of different disciplines
carrying out their work independently they find a problem and they use the tools
they have to solve it. But that is not enough Usually projects are not only related
just to one area of study They can be analysed from the perspective of
different disciplines Let’s now imagine the outcome as a jigsaw created by the input of the different areas related to the project if they’re working independently they can
only see the information related to their piece of work That can have two negative effects in the
process. It the pieces of work cannot be joint It is a waste of time. On the opposite hand, if their results are too similar, it’s a waste of resources If we get them to think all together from
the beginning it will be easier to think of the project as a whole and to be more precise handling the
resources and information during the process For all those reasons, it is now time to work towards that interdisciplinary collaboration and find out the way to make it effective. It is necessary to develop a solid
platform to enable this process the first to step for that is to identify the barriers that
can come up during this sort of practices Some of those difficulties are very
similar to general teamwork obstacles whereas others are more specific to inter-disciplinarity In first place, it is important to be
aware of the fact that collaboration always happens between people therefore good communication and understanding are vital for its success Gathering different disciplines implies
to bring together different perspectives and when people feel strong about their
ideas it’s easy to pass from discussion to argument Therefore, it is very important that all
the members take an open-minded and respectful approached a discussion. But that doesn’t always happen. If the
communication is not channelled there will always be negative comments such as “that wouldn’t work” or “we don’t do it that
way” There will be people molopolising the
conversation and trying to impose their ideas Sometimes, two professionals can argue even
saying the same or a professional might not participate
just because he does not feel in control of the subject and is afraid of the others’ reaction to his ‘ignorance’ listening to others, sometimes, seems to be really difficult and it is then when parallel conversations start to take place or they can even leave the discussion,
mentally or even physically In order to assure the good
progress of the dialogue it is necessary the presence of an enabler: “a person
who can channel that communication” Apart from this enabler at the
discussion table during the research and concept stages. All the members and their inputs are at the same level. All of them are equals But carrying out a project does not only rely on thinking together It would be naive to believe that at the evaluation stage all the disciplines will have the same weight. There are two main aspects of the team
to be established the member’s contribution their roles
within the team People need to know what they’re meant
to do, how, who with, what for? If those roles are not well distributed
people tend to disperse their efforts and lose track. The group might eventually
achieve the result but it will definitely entail a waste of resources The lack of understanding in the contribution to be played is a common cause of failure in interdisciplinary
collaboration For instance to believe that our input
it will have a bigger impact on the outcome that it will actually have can damage the progress of the project
and usually leads to frustration and unnecessary competitiveness All the members of the team are
individuals with their own background, goals, motivations and agenda and it is important to identify what
everyone expects to achieve with their participation in the project as well as to assure that those reasons
fit into the global aims of the job In a big project, it might happen
that one discipline is subordinated to the main domain being used mostly as a tool, and without
much voice in the over-all project If this is not settled down from the
beginning it is probable to end up losing that collaboration Another obstacle for the good dynamics of the team is the discrepancy between self-perception and external
perception we take for granted that the people
around us see and understand our actions as we do they can like it or not, but they see
the same we do but unfortunately that is not always the
case and that difference of perception can bring confusion and serious
misunderstandings but we found out something very
interesting in our research and it is that the team actually has a
very solid opinion about the rest of the members If you ask individually to the members
of the team the personal and professional qualities of the rest of their colleagues they will have a very similar opinions about their teammates That leads to think that the team
perception is right whether that opinion matches with the self-perception or not But why does that discrepancy happen?
Well we can find several reasons for this fact. In first place it might happen that the self-perception is just wrong, and our idea of how our behaviour does not match reality It might also happen that our view of ourselves is based on a previous experience which wasn’t shared with
the rest of the members and therefore they cannot to use that
information to form their judgement finally it is also possible that our reasoning is not coming across and people cannot work out the motivation
of our actions. That’s why providing a framework for a feedback is so important To finalise, just to say that
interdisciplinary thinking as a business strategy has a great
potential It is actually becoming a need because
of the new challenges that our world present and the obsolete way of problem
solving we still use. It is the best path to innovation and it can help us to save time and resources It can be used in any sort of project, and in any sort of field, as long as it is necessary to think It is to be used at the beginning of the
process, in the research and concept stages. Interdisciplinarity is a team activity
and as we have seen the communication and understanding are essential as well as a good coordination of the roles and contributions of the different areas We have also stated the importance of
providing feedback for the improvement of the team dynamics Otherwise it has been also mentioned the
need of an enabler to channel that interaction between the team Finally, it is worth to point out that
interdisciplinarity is a great opportunity for designers Design is one of the areas of study focused on provoking creativity and specialized in the thinking process. Otherwise it is also an area based on collaboration with a long experience in

Facebook Responds to Ad Boycott with Updated Hate Speech Policy

Facebook has responded to over a hundred companies that have pulled ads from the social network in the past week. The ad boycott is an effort by some of the nation’s most prominent brands, including Coca-Cola and Verizon, to compel Facebook to update its policy regarding hate speech. Facebook has now announced a first step in addressing the issue. New restrictions will ban any ad that implies hate speech or propagates false information about voting.

New Policy 

The Anti-Defamation League, Color of Change, the NAACP, and other civil rights organizations launched a boycott on Facebook ads for the month of July. In a little over a week, the cause gained broad traction, attracting over a hundred of the nation’s foremost companies. Facebook is now trying to heed the call to limit the spread of hate speech and misinformation.

But Facebook’s new policy only extends to advertisements. No personal posts will be censored, a concession to those who feared Facebook would try to limit free speech.

The updated policy will prohibit “claims that people from a specific race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, caste, sexual orientation, gender identity or immigration status are a threat to the physical safety, health or survival of others.” Further regulations will combat ads that convey negative sentiments about immigrants and refugees.

The new restrictions will also tackle the spread of misinformation. This includes inaccurate reporting about the coronavirus pandemic, pro-justice protests, and voting information. In the interest of public awareness, the platform will label posts that can’t be verified. Furthermore, any post that discusses voting will be flagged with a link to Facebook’s voting information center.

Facebook’s Statement

“Facebook stands for giving people a voice, and that especially means people who have previously not had as much voice, or as much power to share their own experiences,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a lengthy post. He hopes that his company’s efforts would enable users to “ultimately use their voice where it matters most — voting.” Zuckerberg cited the upcoming election and current civil rights movements as motivators for the change.

The world’s largest social media company, which also owns and operates Instagram, has long been accused of dismissing criticism. But Facebook makes about 98% of its profit from advertisers. As a result, the boycott has intensified the pressure to address the spread of hateful or misleading information.

Still, Zuckerberg credits Facebook’s “civil rights auditors,” Laura W. Murphy and Megan Cacace, for shaping the policy update. Additionally, he says that the many of the changes “come directly from feedback from the civil rights community.”


Verizon Joins Growing Ad Boycott Against Facebook

Verizon has joined a growing list of companies pulling advertisements from Facebook. The boycott will span the month of July, in an effort to pressure the social media juggernaut to revise its hate speech policy.

Verizon Joins the Movement

Verizon now joins a growing alliance of companies boycotting Facebook and its subsidiary, Instagram. Recently, outdoor apparel brand Eddie Bauer pledged its commitment to the boycott, as did ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s. Earlier this month, the founders of the Vermont-based creamery were arrested at a Black Lives Matter protest.

Also among the nearly 100 companies joining the boycott are North Face, Patagonia, Modzilla, REI, and Unilever.

A Cause to Fight Misinformation

The boycott is the result of the #StopHateForProfit campaign. Among the campaign’s organizers are civil rights groups like the NAACP, Color of Change, the Anti-Defamation League, Free Press, Sleeping Giants, and Commons Sense. The movement began just over a week ago.

The campaign is an effort, launched by the Anti-Defamation League, to censure misleading comments by President Trump. Trump has joined other far-right voices in spreading misleading information and hate speech on the world’s largest social network. But unlike Twitter, which has removed doctored videos and tagged certain misleading tweets propagated by President Trump, Facebook has hesitated to respond. Founder and Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg has faced criticism from both inside and outside his company by people who deem his inaction troubling.

Still, as the general election nears, misinformation on Facebook could present a threat. Fake news campaigns had a tangible effect on the 2016 election. Moreover, as the global pandemic, its ensuing financial crisis and national protests continue to dominate the news cycle, authentic, dependable information is critical. Facebook’s hesitance to remove misleading information is not a neutral position.

Verizon’s Statement

John Nitti, Verizon’s Chief Media Officer, said in a statement:

“We have strict content policies in place and have zero tolerance when they are breached, we take action…We’re pausing our advertising until Facebook can create an acceptable solution that makes us comfortable and is consistent with what we’ve done with YouTube and other partners.”

Facebook’s Response

Carolyn Everson, Vice President of Facebook’s Global Business Group, said in her statement:

“We respect any brand’s decision, and remain focused on the important work of removing hate speech and providing critical voting information. Our conversations with marketers and civil rights organizations are about how, together, we can be a force for good.”

Accordingly, Facebook has announced some changes since Verizon’s announcement. The company is banning advertisements that could lead to any racial or religious division. The pressure is having an effect.


Shorten Your Sales Cycle – Adopt Online Collaboration

Gone are the days when a sales representative had to visit the prospective clients to inform about the benefits of products or services. With the help of Internet, the functions and advantages of the products can be easily demonstrated to the potential customers. Therefore, more and more companies are creating and using online demos to increase their sales and reducing the operational costs.

With the introduction of online demos, sales cycles have become shorter and hassle-free. Moreover, these demos enable business organisations to expand their operations beyond geographical borders. The best advantage of using this technology is that it allows users to share desktop, which results in convenient transfer of files. Participants can also use whiteboard in order to interact with each other conveniently. Using whiteboard, they make sure that the actions on desktop are visible to the entire group on either side.

Since the technology is evolving rapidly, the Internet demonstrations are becoming more and more productive. And when it comes to country like Singapore, the online presentations are even more useful as most of the business organisations in the nation prefer online meetings.

There are numerous organisations in Singapore that rely on web conferencing for demonstrating their products and services to their geographically spread clients. Through online demos, the local companies, besides presenting their existing range, can provide a glimpse of their upcoming offerings.

Singapore is a hub of numerous multinationals and the internet presentations are a huge success in this country. The main reason behind this success is that online demos consume less time as compared to in-person meetings. Though several airports, railways lines and highways are being constructed, travelling takes a lot of time while fulfilling airport, check-in and Visa formalities. Therefore, online demonstrations seem to be the best option for all those companies which are willing to increase their revenue while spending less time on travelling.

There are various CSPs providing reliable and cost-effective services for hosting online demonstrations. These service providers employ latest equipment to help demonstrate products’ features in 2D as well as 3D mode. Moreover, they provide support throughout the meeting and ensure that the host does not come across any trouble while describing the functionalities of products. Since there are various service providers, it is a bit difficult to find a trustworthy vendor. In this case, a thorough market research can be conducted to narrow down the search for a credible CSP. The market research also helps in selecting a CSP that offers best services at reasonable prices.

Benefits of Video Calling for Businesses

Video calling for businesses has come a long way. It is no more an expensive system in a large conference room, which needs IT personnel at every step. In fact, today companies large and small are adapting video as part of their day to day operations.

Here are top benefits of video conferencing for HR professionals-

1. Job interviews – Group video calling, better known as video conferencing is one of the best technologies HR can use to attract, retain and develop millennial employees. As per Redshift’s research, a majority of HR professionals use video calls as a preferred method of communication, more than emails and phone calls. The survey tells that video interviews are as good as in person interviews, and beats phone calls when it comes to making good hiring decisions. Video interviews remove the constraints of geographical boundaries for talent acquisition. Niche companies often require candidates with unique skills sets, and video calls make it possible to hire the best talent for the position from anywhere in the world.

2. Employee trainings – On boarding employees comes with its own challenges. Most companies have to fly a trainer to remote areas to impart training to new employees or relocate their new employees. These traditional ways have serious drawbacks: they are very costly, ineffective and involve stressful travel. Video conferencing is cost-effective to provide hands-on training to employees located in different areas. It requires no travel and results in better engagement and learning of new employees.

3. Marketing the products – Providing live demos and interactive and engaging but has its own drawbacks like reaching a smaller audience, leading to limited sales. On the contrary, marketing your products through video calling has many advantages. Your market is huge as you can reach a larger audience across the world via video calls. Live video demonstrations like video conference demos give you an advantage over traditional methods: the reach of a pre-recorded video and grip of a live demo.

4. Enhanced collaboration– Video conferencing not only has enormous benefits for businesses but also employees. Often hiring the best talent can be challenging due to commuting to far off places. The traditional workplace is on its way out as worldwide collaboration and remote teams become more common. Many big brands like Amazon have witnessed major benefits of allowing workers to telecommute with the support of a good video conferencing system.

The advantages of free video calling, conferencing and video chatting are enormous. There are many video conferencing and chatting apps available in the market that bridges the gap between employers and employees, leading to a productive workplace. Video conferencing has become a day to day necessity for not only organizations but people across the world.

Did Racism Play a Role in Grenfell Tower Fire Tragedy?

In 2017, a fire broke out in the Grenfell Tower residential complex in West London. The fire caused 72 deaths and over 70 injuries, the deadliest structural fire in the UK since WWII. After three years, inquiries into the tragedy are set to resume next month.

During this time of increased focus on racial justice due to the death of George Floyd, many believe that the tragedy will come to be understood as an example of racism as the residents were disproportionately black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME). Nour-eddine Aboudihaj, the founder of the Grenfell Tower Trust, has claimed that residents of the tower were made to live in a “death trap. There were a lot of complaints about electricity cuts, gas, all these issues, but they were not listened to. The fact residents were from immigrant or BAME backgrounds means they weren’t listened to and they were treated unfavorably.”

Representative Imran Khan is pushing for a broader concept of racism to be applied to the understanding the tragedy. “That’s what institutional racism is about,” Khan said. “It’s not some individual deliberately doing something in a racist fashion. It’s whether any policies, procedures, acts or conduct directly or indirectly led to consequences.”

Khan’s push for recognition of a broader concept of racism will find sympathetic ears among those who recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately hurt minorities around the world.


Opinion: The Symbolism of Trump’s Planned Rally in Tulsa

For months, White House insiders have reported that the President is growing restless in Washington, and longs to return to the campaign trail. After all, Donald Trump’s political rise was rooted in his freewheeling rallies, where he pontificates at-length about his own strengths, belittles his adversaries and arouses the crowd like a carnival barker.

Now, the White House reports that Trump will return to the trail for the first time since March, when coronavirus restrictions forced him to hunker-down in the executive mansion. Though he was able to maintain an audience for several weeks during his daily live press briefings (which he has since ceased), it’s been three months since the President has been able to stand in front of a raucous crowd of fans who will cheer his name and celebrate his musings. But oh how the world has changed since March.

In addition to the global pandemic and the economic tailspin that continue to plague the nation, the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer fast-tracked the cause of racial justice in the United States, making equality and police reform a top priority not just for the far-left, but for much of the political center. Even Republican Mitt Romney has knelt in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and it was only eight years ago that his party wanted him to be president.

So there’s no escaping the conversation of racial justice as Trump prepares to rally his followers on June 19th and while no one can ever predict what this president plans to say, his very schedule has already dropped a bevy of hints.

Time and Place

Foremost, consider the day that President Trump has chosen to resume his reelection campaign. The 19th of June is, for many, a commemoration of the end of slavery. Juneteenth, as it’s called, memorializes the 1865 abolition of slavery in Texas, the final state to receive news of Union victory in the Civil War. While some deem Juneteenth the “Black 4th of July,” there’s little cause to believe that Trump is headed to Tulsa to celebrate the progress of African-Americans.

Then there is the question of where Trump will hold his first rally in months. The President will be heading to Tulsa, Oklahoma to speak to his supporters, a city with a dark history of racial violence, including the deadliest instance of racist brutality in American history. The so-called “Black Wall Street Massacre” occurred in 1921, and resulted in the death of 300 Americans in Tulsa, which at the time had one of the most thriving black middle classes in the country. Dubbed “Black Wall Street” to celebrate the financial providence of its African-American residents, Tulsa was targeted by white supremacists who burned black-owned businesses to the ground and indiscriminately shot at Tulsa residents in a two-day bloodbath.

While the incident has not been a traditional unit of American history classrooms, it’s gained heavy attention in recent years, most notably by the hit HBO series Watchmen, in which the pilot episode depicts a ten-minute reenactment of the violence. But would Trump really choose Tulsa to speak for the first time since George Floyd’s death as an act of intentional malice?


Michelle Goldberg of The New York Times contends that “it’s highly unlikely that Trump, who reportedly didn’t know what happened at Pearl Harbor when he visited in 2017, is familiar with the Tulsa massacre.” Still, she argues, “there are people around Trump who are sophisticated enough to understand the message the rally is sending, including Stephen Miller, one of the president’s closest aides and an out-and-out white nationalist.”

So what calculus is at play behind the choice to resume the Trump campaign in Tulsa on Juneteenth? Florida Congresswoman Val Demings tweeted her response this way: “The president’s speech there on Juneteenth is a message to every black American: more of the same.”

Indeed, Trump does have a pattern of turning the screw on hot-button issues as opposed to deescalating controversy. In 2017, after a white nationalist march in Charlottesville, Virginia resulted in the death of a counter-protester, Trump insisted that there were “very fine people” on both sides of the demonstration (which featured armed Nazis marching past a synagogue). And his first speaking engagement after the episode was in Phoenix, a generally left-leaning city with a large Hispanic population whose mayor begged the President to stay away.

After congressional Democrats launched an impeachment inquiry into Trump’s dealings with Ukraine, the President’s first rally was in the Minneapolis district represented by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, a progressive critic of Trump’s whom the President once told to return to Somalia (where she’d fled as a refugee when she was a child).

In both instances, Trump spoke in states that he had won in the 2016 election, though he spoke in mostly liberal metro areas knowing that his presence would attract protest, media attention, and a signature pinch of chaos.

But if the large-scale public demonstrations that have become ubiquitous in the last few months are any indication, Trump’s return to the campaign trail will likely attract its fair share of protesters. Of course, Trump’s supporters have been just as starved of the President’s voice and it’s unlikely that he will struggle to fill arena seats. Trump may get his pinch of chaos yet.

Still, optics aren’t everything. Even if thousands flock to Tulsa to either support or protest Trump’s rally, it’s what he says that will make a difference. As the national discussion of race continues to overwhelm public discourse, and as Joe Biden continues to lead Trump in national polls, the Tulsa rally may prove to be a defining moment of Trump’s reelection campaign, where he will deliver a message that could shape his entire post-pandemic candidacy.


Help yourself and love it


To attain his business goals and objectives within a stipulated time frame, an entrepreneur must identify the right caliber of people in a view to assemble a truly productive team.

The need for effective teamwork cannot be overemphasized. It is critical for any business. In fact, the strength of your business could be seen in terms of your teamwork.

An entrepreneur, who aspires to be successful in the face of ever threatening competition, must scan the environment for three types of people. ( click for complete article )


Why Christian Mission Trips Don’t Actually Help.

I hear a lot of Christians who, whether their students of mine or people I’ve met, who have said, you know, they’re going to another country to go on a mission trip. hey’re going to go during winter break or spring break and they’re gonna, you know, bring the love of Jesus, or bring some Bibles, or maybe try to help build some shelters or something.
And so there’s this ambivalence I have regarding mission trips.
And what always comes to my mind, and maybe this is just because I am a teacher, is this program called Teach For America.

John Piper: Evangelism

I invite you to open your Bibles to Psalm 67.
Let the Nations Be Glad as a title came from this Psalm, and you’ll hear it. I’ll read the seven verses of this Psalm.
May God be gracious to us and bless us  and make his face to shine upon us, That your way may be known upon the earth,
your saving power among all nations.
Let the peoples praise you, O God; let all the peoples praise you!
Let the nations be glad and sing for joy, for you judge the peoples with equity and guide the nations upon earth.
Let the peoples praise you, O God; let all the peoples praise you! The earth has yielded its increase;
God, our God, shall bless us. God shall bless us; let all the ends of the earth fear him! Amen.
So what I want to do is go back in history a few hundred years for a few minutes, then go out to the world and update us on what
God has done since that historical moment, and then go into this text and listen to the Word of the Lord concerning the nations of the world. So let’s go back first a few hundred years. The missionary endeavor of the Protestants in England burst forth out of the soil of a very rich Reformed, Puritan theology.
You remember the Puritans. They were the pastors and the teachers between 1560 and 1660 who wanted to purify the Church of England in accord with the theological and practical teachings of the Reformation.


Now Freely Give

I mentioned to you in that last video that I was praying after college, and that’s how I felt called to the priesthood.
And that’s true, but I also have to mention that I started to give for the first time in my life in that year after college.
I can remember Monsignor McDonald – the priest I tell you about sometimes – he said to me once, “You know
Robby,” he says, “you’re never going to be happy until you’re giving. You’re never going to be happy…” It was toward the end of college actually –
I came back on a vacation to visit – and he says, “You’re never going be to happy until you’re giving.” Man. And I
didn’t know exactly what was going to look like, when I started to give, but I knew I wanted that, because I wanted to be happy. Well, after college I started to get involved with the youth group a little bit and give of my time, and play guitar, and sing for the youth, and you know, serve them in different ways. We would cook for them, travel with them.
And I started to come alive when I was spending time with those young people and giving to them.
And then the homeless of the parish – I had a friend whose mother was working with the homeless and I really wanted to experience what she experienced, because she was coming to life, because she loved it so much – she was like larger than life! And so I started to work with the homeless too and to give to them a little bit, and it was amazing. I started to come to life because of it. How about this: we’ll say it this way.
There are two bodies of water in the Holy Land, in Israel, that are very well known: the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. They both receive the River Jordan.
They both have the same source, but Dead Sea is Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee is alive.
Why? Because the Dead Sea, although it receives the same waters of the River Jordan, it doesn’t give any of it away, and so it’s dead because of it. But the Sea of Galilee gives away all of the water it receives.
It has all these rivers that run from it and it gives away everything that flows in – and the Sea of Galilee is alive while the Dead Sea is dead. I mean. It’s just like the human person.
We’re always being blessed and receiving grace from God – the River Jordan is always flowing into us – but if we don’t give it away everything we’re receiving then we’ll be dead like the Dead Sea. But if we give it away, we’ll be alive like
the Sea of Galilee. So think about this way. It’s like when we when we pray we’re breathing in and when we exhale and when we serve we’re breathing out. So this is the Christian life: breathing in, the prayer, letting God’s
grace in to work on the interior life, so you have it to offer, and then offering and giving it away, the breathing out. Just like a human
person needs to breathe in and out, in order to be alive, like respiration, so too,
with regard to the spiritual life, there’s a breathing in and a breathing out. I mean Jesus said this right? Love of God and love of neighbor. Love of God – and love of neighbor. In any case, this Christian life is an invitation to be fully alive, and to be fully happy. And I experienced that after college.
This is what I call “being called to the priesthood,” just because it happens to be my vocation, to be called to priesthood. But we all have one common vocation and it’s this: When Jesus sends his disciples out he says to them, “Freely you have received – now freely give!

Collaborative Learning Builds Deeper Understanding

Here at the college preparatory school in Oakland California collaborative learning is one of the most important ways our students learn and grow in math we work in groups every day asking each other questions before we ask the teacher
In English we lead our own round table discussions to deepen our understanding of the books we read how much prep is one of the top private high schools in the country and a terrific model for collaborative learning.
The good news their practices are both Collaboration and affordable take a look at what they do for their students it may change what you decide to do for yours [Music] cocked prep-school is a 52 year old school it was founded by two women who had a strong vision of a place where academics could really thrive the collaborative teaching and learning that we do here is really distinctive individual work can be a great way to master content

How To Write A Brand Collaboration Email | A Step-By-Step Guide

 I’m a little crooked here okay that’s much better in a today’s video
I am going to be breaking down the brand collaboration pitch email yes we are  going to break it all the way down and I’m going to be telling you every single thing that you should be including in your brand pitch email all right so
if you are ready to learn about that go ahead and take a second to grab your pen a paper maybe a little drink and let’s go okay so first things first what the heck is a brand collaboration email onye and why are you making a whole video on it let me tell you why it’s so important to you especially if you are an influencer so a brand collaboration email is pretty much something that you
send to a brand asking them if they are open to collaborating with you that is the short of it there really isn’t it much more so it is your way of pitching yourself to a brand and getting on their radar okay much better okay so why is it so important especially for micro influencers um in a perfect world brands will be knocking at your door saying hey I want to work with you and on top of that I want to pay you that’s in a perfect world, unfortunately, this is not a perfect world and if you’re a micro influencer even if you’re a big influencer sometimes you have to go knocking on the door of opportunity right that’s where your brand collaboration email comes into.

Underground Churches in China

Few places in the world are seeing the explosion of God’s power like the underground Church in China is experiencing and in the last 60 years china’s communist government has done it’s best to wipe Christianity off the map
What you are about to see is some of the rarest footage on the planet in this church the people wake up at four-thirty to come together for two hours to pray and worship they do this every day this church meets in the only place they are safe a cave this church meets on a farm far away from prying eyes here’s
An example of an underground church outreach the people sitting are Christians the people who are standing are not this particular preacher was once crippled but was healed
When someone prayed for her she now preaches the good news of Jesus to anyone who will listen in this particular meeting over 1000 people became Christians
Here Christians cast out demons from an 18 year old girl she’s now a preacher in shanghai alone there are over 3,000 house churches just like this one one thing Dennis pointed out to me was that most of the underground churches in china are actually led by young people these kids have all come out of the communist system and they want nothing to do with it they only want to spread The love of Jesus to everybody
They meet this is a music school well that’s the cover anyway
it’s really a training school for students who want to be pastors the government thinks they’re simply learning to play instruments one thing
I quickly realized about the Chinese church is that it’s a lot different from the American one for one thing they think a four-hour sermon is short in this church service
it’s a hundred and twenty degrees inside the building the people meet for 12 hours straight Dennis told me one story about a time he went to a very remote village in China to preach he was led into a large room where the people were packed so closely together that he had his back to the wall and could reach out and touch the row in front of him
everyone stood there was no room to sit he asked how long he should preach for and they told him from 8:30 to 7 at night then they asked him if it wasn’t too much trouble could you come back tomorrow and preach from 8 :30 to 7:00 again and then very sheepishly they asked again if you’d be so kind could you come back the day after that and preach from 8:30 to 7:00
he asked how often he should take breaks and they told him not to stop the people will wait then he asked them what he should preach on everything they replied from Genesis to Revelation and then it dawned on him these people had no Bibles
After the death of Mao Zedong the Chinese people cheated by a false god began to search for the true God for the first time in their lives people from the lowest levels of society came face-to-face with God’s unconditional love with Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and with the knowledge that in God’s temple they had value and dignity how could they not rejoice like everyone who has received the most precious gift in the world Here is God’s presence
Here is the God’s Word Here is the anointing from the Holy Spirit Here is a different world When brothers live together in unity How good and lovely it is
It is as if the dew of Hermon Were falling on mount Zion Love is here Peace is here Light is here Life is here
The blessing from God are all here If you want to find him Come to Jesus Christ the first time I went to church I felt the atmosphere there was really good I found true meaning in life
I found peace that I never felt before peace in the Lord so I can say without reservation
I will follow God for the rest of my life after the service my soul felt especially sweet and joyful Lord how wonderful it will be if we can meet like this every day for 3 nights overwhelmed with joy
I thought Lord what have I received where am I so feel joy no money I have no family I have nothing and you know I was absolutely sure that this joy came from heaven.


Christianity, the largest religion of the Western world, and China the oldest nation of the East, have interacted many times through history, as they still do today.
However, as you will see, the coexistence has often been tumultuous with many unexpected events.
The story of Christianity in China begins with silk. The Roman Empire imported silk from China since about the 1st century AD. However, the rise of the Persian Sasanian empire, in the third and fourth century, which was at war with Rome, broke the Silk Road and therefore considerably slowed down importation to the Roman Empire. In the 6th century,
Emperor Justinian the 1st of the Byzantine Empire decided to look for a solution. It was there that two monks of the Nestorian Church got their idea to make a fortune.
The Nestorian church, or Church of the East, follows the vision of Nestorius, Archbishop of Constantinople, who believed that Jesus was not truly God, but only partly divine and partly human.
The two Nestorian monks were preaching Christianity in India. In 551 A.D. they traveled to China, and studied the process of silk making. It was probably there and then, that Christianity ever entered the Chinese territory. The next year, the monks approached Justinian the first, who agreed to mount an expedition to smuggle silkworms to the Byzantine Empire. In about 554 A.D. the Eastern Roman Empire held its own silk monopoly.
The first written trace of Christianity in China is barely older. A few decades later, another Nestorian missionary, and his friends, traveled to China, probably through the northern Silk Road.

The Heartbeat of God: A short film about the church in Mongolia

God’s will for alienated people can only be seen when we look at the cross of Jesus Christ Because when Jesus died on the cross He died for all people.
He died for every soul that lives in darkness.
In Mongolia, there is a dark legend about the Mother Tree which is considered the gateway to the spiritual world
And they believe that if they find a clearing with only one tree then they found the Holy Tree and worship it.
Mongols are nomads, they are constantly moving. following your herds without stopping always looking for the next place But they are nomads not only in the physical world, But also in the spiritual.
And so we went to Mongolia with one purpose Listen Because when you listen to the stories of alienated what you hear is the heartbeat of God.
This is Dolgor She began a ministry that takes care of hundreds of homeless children. who live in a local landfill.
Many of these children are abandoned by their families. and some freeze to death every winter.
But every morning, buses arrive at the landfill and take the children to the city. where Dolgor gives them free education and food She also produces clean water in a landfill,
And he builds houses near the source so that the children live in them.
When we arrived at this garbage place, we saw one gentleman who was carrying a huge bag.
I immediately opened the window and took a picture.
This picture shocked me and remained in my head forever I don’t think that I have the courage to approach him to tell him that God loves him,
He will look at us and perhaps say. “Why should I believe your god?” “Your god is not good to me” Jesus did not just talk about love, he showed it.
He healed the sick, fed the hungry, and comforted the suffering. We realized that we could not just appear and preach to them.
We should have earned the right to speak of our faith, Proving that God also takes care of them.
(Narra is a Mongolian shepherd) In 1993, my family was in a very difficult, poor situation.
One of the missionaries shared the gospel with us I was very young and did not understand him.
But one night I just prayed and He said “You are my daughter” Naraa realized who she was and to whom she belonged.
She became a pastor and founded a church full of children and youth,
With lively worship and Sunday school. But her church, like any church we visited, is fighting for survival.
Mongolia’s economy is indeed in poor shape. The unemployment rate is 27% Most Mongolian people suffer from the economic situation. Therefore, it is very difficult for the church to support its pastor.
There are pastors working full time as taxi drivers. The other pastor we met, Pastor Harleon, has no assistants and alone is the pastor of two separate churches.
I really saw how blessed the Chinese churches in the United States are. But when we look at churches in Mongolia, We see our brothers and sisters
Everything that was given to us should also be given to them, because we are brothers and sisters. As a businessman, I believe that I can overcome everything I can overcome everything through my own abilities.
But the fact is that yesterday we saw that we were facing a huge poverty problem and I realized that I can’t do anything about it. Then the question arises: “God, why did you put me in such a situation?”
God does not call us, because we are capable of everything. because when God calls us, God appoints us.
God does not call us, because we are capable of everything. God has called me, and he wants me to answer the call. not because I can do anything but simply because He called When God called pastor Sofda, she replied: and when she told her husband, he left her. When God called Pastor Heshegi, she also answered: and when she decided to found a church, her father-in-law denied her. But these are the ones that the world rejects these are the honored guests at the king’s table.
See, our God is not like their sacred tree that can be found.
Rather, he sees the lost Sick oppressed orphans and widows and he searches for them until he finds them. and he invites us to do the same. To talk about the gospel that was once told to us.
Bring the wandering dawn of His green pastures. and finally take a break from the search.
Take orphans in the family and homeless to the house. This is the heartbeat of God and for those who hear it, let obedience be our goal compassion on our behalf and His glory is our reward.
The Mother Tree burned down in 2015, ending the pagan era in Mongolia. Currently, more than 50,000 Christians live in Mongolia, and there are more of them.

Biblical Basis of Missions / God’s Heart for the Nations

The Bible is an incredible text made up of 66 different books written by more than 40 authors over a span of 1,000 years.
It is not just a compilation of a bunch of different stories. Or a self-help manual. Or, even a
devotional book.
It is one cohesive story from Genesis to Revelation, the story of God’s glory.
Let’s take a look at His story. In the beginning, God created everything for Himself and His glory.
At the pinnacle of that creation He made man so that God could share Himself with others. We were told to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth with the glory of God.
But man decided that God couldn’t be trusted – that he was holding something back from us.
We decided to live for ourselves instead of for God and this filled the earth with sin and selfishness. The generations of man had soon gone so far off track, in fact, that God flooded the entire earth and started over with a man named Noah.
When Noah stepped off the ark, God told him the same words he had told Adam, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.” Once again, however, humanity looked to give itself honor instead of God.
Because they all shared the same language, it was easy to communicate and cooperate.
\So they made a plan.
At a place called Babel, they would build a tower up to the heavens and, in doing so, make a name for themselves.
They labored to build their own kingdom rather than obey God’s command.
They had made the same mistake as each of the generations before them.
Since mankind had ignored his message to spread his name and his glory throughout the earth, God took matters into his own hands.
He scrambled the languages of the people so they could no longer communicate easily with each other.
In that moment, God had formed the many different tribes and peoples of the world.
So the different people groups spread to the north, the south, the east, and the west.
Out of those nations, God chose a man named Abraham and made a covenant with him.
God told Abraham that he would bless him and all his descendants turning them into a great nation that would bless all the other nations.
God eventually called this nation Israel and he began to demonstrate his glory through them in many ways. He gave them a set of laws to live by so that they could live separate and holy lives from all the other nations.
In doing so, they would become his royal priests, mediating between God and man.
By living out his commands in the sight of the nations, Israel would encourage people to love God and love others. God also gave Israel a special geographical place on the earth strategically located in the middle of all other nations.
It was in this Promised Land that Israel would be a light to all nations – showing them the path to God even in the darkness of the world.
Sometimes Israel would live out this calling well, understanding God’s desire to bless all the peoples of the earth through them.
Other times, though, Israel would fall into the same trap that humanity had again and again – glorifying itself rather than glorifying God. When Israel got off track, God intervened.
Sometimes he raised up prophets to remind them of their mandate to bless the nations with the blessings he had given them. Other times he would discipline his people by allowing them to be taken captive by other nations.
Regardless, God used Israel, even in their disobedience, to make his name great throughout the earth. But all of this was just the beginning of what God had in store.
In all of its ups and downs, Israel grew hungry for a promised Messiah
King who would establish an everlasting Kingdom that would never be defeated.
That, of course, leads us to Jesus. God sent His son Jesus to earth for 33 years to dramatically demonstrate the Father’s love for both Jew and Gentile alike. Yes, he was from King David’s bloodline, but his genealogy had both Jews and Gentiles in it. His first worshipers  were the wise men – Gentiles from the east. Angels proclaimed
that His salvation would be for all peoples. Even his baby dedication identified him as
a light for revelation to the Gentiles. Time and time again Christ reminded his disciples
(who considered themselves “God’s favorite”) that God’s plan from the beginning was to
bless all peoples. His life modeled this message perfectly. He became angry when the Temple wasn’t being
used as a “house of prayer for all nations.” He told parables about the kingdom of God
being a kingdom for all people groups. And he preached good news to Jews, Gentiles, rich,
poor, educated, and uneducated alike. Jesus served Canaanites, Samaritans, Romans, and
Greeks. He was (and is) a true Messiah for all nations. He lived a perfect life, died a perfect death,
and rose again with a perfect resurrection. Then, he commanded us to “Go, make disciples
of all nations!” The perfect words to sum up his ministry. He told us that this gospel of the kingdom
must be proclaimed in all the world as a testimony to all of the ethnic groups, and then the
end would come. We saw the beginnings of this when the Holy Spirit filled the disciples
at Pentecost and told the wonders of God in all the different languages of the world.
We saw it continued when Christ called Paul and other apostles to preach the Gospel to
the Gentiles. It continues even now. We are waiting for
the end that we see in Revelation when the Lamb of God (Jesus) has purchased, with his
blood, people from every nation. Those people will form a multitude that no one can count
from every tribe, tongue, and people group, worshipping and saying, “Salvation belongs
to our God who sits on the throne and to the Lamb.” That’s the story of the Bible. A single,
cohesive story from cover to cover. God’s story. The story of His glory among all the
nations, but it can’t come to fruition until all nations have heard. He invites you into that story. He invites
you into that mission. What part will you play?

How Christian Missionaries Convert Indians

[Music] [Music] you guys all think India’s dirty right but India is changing we have swatch butter we have these other clean India campaigns and some cities have taken it to heart more than others like Indore Madhya Pradesh or this eco village here in Nagaland it’s the green eco village we’re going to visit right now as soon as we find it right there Sumer and what a sumo is is a four-wheel drive taxi which you just cram as many people into it as possible that’s gonna be an experience let’s do it right now hey we found a sumo I actually don’t know if it’s a sumo yet it might be a private vehicle you might be hitchhiking right now let’s see we just flag down whatever we could find that’s what a sumo looks like jam-packed two people and bags on top oh right hey sure thank you so much thank you guys so much for picking us up we really appreciate it and what are you doing here great thank you so much for your hospitality you’re a Good Samaritan then that’s what you are I always wanted to come here and kind of see the Indian tribal people and the culture and how they live in advance and the music did you hear about the missionary who went to North Sentinel island recently yes so that was a very yes very strange thing he was a combat medic um interesting yes yeah maybe a bit too much committed okay little bit a little bit I think we’re talking about somebody different this guy Mike Chow he went to North Sentinel island here in India and it’s where these tribal people live and they haven’t been contacted by the outside world at all and they’re protected by the Indian government you’re not allowed to visit them else because they are protect the people in dinner when Outsiders coming in because lost and Outsiders came in they kidnapped the number of the villagers emmys and they were died and so these people are untouched they’ve never been it’s never really met civilization so they’re protected and this guy went there and they warned them by shooting arrows at him but he kept going and he landed on their small little island and anyone who lands he gets killed straight away like fishermen have landed there by mistaken that you get killed by them because they’re very afraid of the outside world so he went there yes he went there knowing he shouldn’t be going there and that’s what happened to unfortunately and you’re say death is no threat although I’m not looking for yeah no I’m not ready to meet whoever’s there yet I just like a little more time here yeah yeah exactly you gotta be ready because you never know especially on these roads Oh the improved lasers were read how to raise the gospel of this headhunting is seen Killingly seen so God loves us i policy that was the gospel so they happily took that gospel and went to next village and we didn’t thirty years time you are about 100 mysteries or evangelist your own American is 9/10 peace 1950 this mysteries planted about 1000 on shifted thousands of discharges Wow this is Papa ninety-nine point [Music] some Michelin is reliable I had had their starter soul hunters yeah if not today we’ll be killing one another oh I’m glad you’re not doing that missionaries when they go to remote places they literally local language for their town he translate the Bible into those local language translated by our campus with a help okay but seeing this great transformation is going on in in their government kakaw old American histories from 1950 okay are they still doing that because it’s BJP empower 2010 American missionaries allowed to visit [Music] yeah before 2010 no you can visit anywhere in India but not heartland evening government is so scare that yep all the Indians nah got some freedom Kristin already become Krishna yeah [Music] if Nagas get some kinds of training from my god convert all the Christina all the Hitler invades into festivities of a Sofia yeah in 30 years time order four billion people yep you get the feeling the government is trying to oppose that [Music] yes dormant title of course and by making us poor oh that’s why there’s no rose in debt because fine at the same time affecting an everyday they were happy now an army Oh separatists humane we don’t call them separatists what do you pull them history by force india meg now got to be under Indian okay okay India also provide special clothes on your constitute Indian Constitution yeah yes you know that’s when we have a different constitutional so Indians can come and live and do business here yeah but that also stopping businesses starting up here and I well coming into the region we can close any business if you don’t pay taxes how are they going to therapy routes see like the tanks the holy text in governmental get lease whatever goods they bring from Kolkata yeah from that Goodson insolence Len takes no nothing government doesn’t have enough funds to provide all these services to you’re sounding like BJP here come on Modi supporter Modi supporter they leave their back in Delhi please yeah in in some other ways in other way they are extracting our patronum mm that’s a resources natural resources a lot of natural resources and wrapping down all those trees and stones all these minerals and mining going on here they have to take permission from the villages races we have and you get to share from that yeah such a complicated region and all the difference for the take center yeah you are the separate ministry for the Maltese it’s complicated I know I’m going to have it yeah not because I’m good but because what just did for me ah you sure he died in cool good I’m happy for you [Music] yeah I’ll work it out eventually I never have to make a choice who to believe I like everybody I find nice things in Islam I find nice things in Hinduism I find nice things in Buddhism there’s nice things about every religion I find in Christianity – nice ideas I mean you know it’s your choice yeah yeah exactly yeah did not believe that Jesus was dog from my central idea that stuff yeah so am i heard of that I knew I had sin my sin did bother me and then I realized I sitting it’s a holy God I responded to the gospel I accept the Lord as my savior but the reason I did that I tell you what I tell you what put all together for me and he’s alive he rolls through that on the third day yep I don’t have what that safer I did before when I was following the dead Savior God and his resurrection is proof that what he said and did for us was accepted by God his payment for my sin I’m forgiven through them yes we’ve outreach I’m taken he is the only one that offers life as a gift everyone else offers and conditions to receive it yeah I certainly don’t deserve it but yet he offers his love to me he offers grace to me and so I’ve got a risen Savior that’s what really spoke to my heart and there’s such relief when you do trust the Lord as your Savior my life changed okay thank you so much god bless you goodbye thank you thank you thank you yes we will if not in heaven I’m in heaven oh my god those people were really interesting they were good Samaritans helping us out but they were also Christian separatists who are trying to free Nagaland away from the Indian government and so it was a really interesting experience to sit with them and hear their side of the story and so this two sides to the strength is the tip for the side they want a free Nagaland a free Christian Nagaland then is the other side which is the government side the Hindu government side in NATO one from any of this they weren’t not going to save part of India it’s a both sides of work against each other to achieve what they want and I don’t know who’s right or who’s wrong as conflict so I’ll just leave it at that and you guys make up your own mind okay [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome to Konoha Karuma is right behind this sign on the left here [Applause] my message for you is I love you no matter what religion caste or creed that you are the important thing is is that we treat each other fairly and that we respect each other we treat each other fairly and we respect each other’s beliefs then we can all live peacefully together and we can keep India United India should remain as one we should all remain united we have to treat each other fairly and respect each other to do that guys [Music] you [Music]

Christ Calls You to Mission

“Word on Fire Show” … With me in the back seat of the car, descending down the Scottish and now English landscape is Bishop Robert Barron. Bishop? This is crazy … I had this trip written in my diary more than a year ago … And then they invited me to speak at the World Family Meeting and so, about 10 days ago, we were in Ireland. But it actually turned into a missionary trip to the United Kingdom and … When you come across the sea and give a speech, you are actually evangelizing. So we made these amazing videos to show the beauty of faith in action in these countries. Thank you for your presence, for your great response today. That means a lot to the Church, which, as you know, is going through painful times. I thought a lot about what I would say … And what kept coming back to me was: “He’s talking about Jesus.” “He’s talking about Jesus.” You see, Christianity is not originally a philosophy. Christianity is a relationship with this Jesus. Therefore, the renewal of the Church must always first have to do with the return to Jesus Christ. Where do we learn this? In a family, where everyone looks not at themselves, but at God together. The human heart is dependent on God. When we forget God, something extremely bad happens to human beings. When Christ is the center of our lives then the rest of our lives tends toward harmony around that center. When the Son of Man is exalted, it will attract all people to itself. The separating power of sin is overcome by the mighty work of God’s gathering. The Church is not interested in spiritual mediocrity. It calls people to holiness. Being holy means being heroically virtuous, right? To love is not a feeling, a feeling, nor is it love for myself through another. To love means to come out of the black hole of my self-consideration, which draws everything into itself, and to really want the good of another. After the word of consecration, the holiest words in the Mass are: “Ite, missa est.” “Go, Mass is over!” No one in the Bible is given the experience of God without a mission. Everyone in the Bible, after meeting the Lord – is sent! So we, we who believe in Jesus Christ have this immense responsibility to proclaim him! After we received the body and blood of the Lord, we ate and drank from it, we are sent. And today you don’t have to cross the ocean to get to the mission area, do you? As soon as you walk out the door of any church in the Western world, you are in a missionary country. People who lose their sense of God, their sense of the transcendent … They need us! We who are baptized at Mass we are now sent to the Christian world. Go and bring the light you have seen, bring to the world the Christ you have become.