Few places in the world are seeing the explosion of God’s power like the underground Church in China is experiencing and in the last 60 years china’s communist government has done it’s best to wipe Christianity off the map
What you are about to see is some of the rarest footage on the planet in this church the people wake up at four-thirty to come together for two hours to pray and worship they do this every day this church meets in the only place they are safe a cave this church meets on a farm far away from prying eyes here’s
An example of an underground church outreach the people sitting are Christians the people who are standing are not this particular preacher was once crippled but was healed
When someone prayed for her she now preaches the good news of Jesus to anyone who will listen in this particular meeting over 1000 people became Christians
Here Christians cast out demons from an 18 year old girl she’s now a preacher in shanghai alone there are over 3,000 house churches just like this one one thing Dennis pointed out to me was that most of the underground churches in china are actually led by young people these kids have all come out of the communist system and they want nothing to do with it they only want to spread The love of Jesus to everybody
They meet this is a music school well that’s the cover anyway
it’s really a training school for students who want to be pastors the government thinks they’re simply learning to play instruments one thing
I quickly realized about the Chinese church is that it’s a lot different from the American one for one thing they think a four-hour sermon is short in this church service
it’s a hundred and twenty degrees inside the building the people meet for 12 hours straight Dennis told me one story about a time he went to a very remote village in China to preach he was led into a large room where the people were packed so closely together that he had his back to the wall and could reach out and touch the row in front of him
everyone stood there was no room to sit he asked how long he should preach for and they told him from 8:30 to 7 at night then they asked him if it wasn’t too much trouble could you come back tomorrow and preach from 8 :30 to 7:00 again and then very sheepishly they asked again if you’d be so kind could you come back the day after that and preach from 8:30 to 7:00
he asked how often he should take breaks and they told him not to stop the people will wait then he asked them what he should preach on everything they replied from Genesis to Revelation and then it dawned on him these people had no Bibles
After the death of Mao Zedong the Chinese people cheated by a false god began to search for the true God for the first time in their lives people from the lowest levels of society came face-to-face with God’s unconditional love with Christ’s sacrifice on the cross and with the knowledge that in God’s temple they had value and dignity how could they not rejoice like everyone who has received the most precious gift in the world Here is God’s presence
Here is the God’s Word Here is the anointing from the Holy Spirit Here is a different world When brothers live together in unity How good and lovely it is
It is as if the dew of Hermon Were falling on mount Zion Love is here Peace is here Light is here Life is here
The blessing from God are all here If you want to find him Come to Jesus Christ the first time I went to church I felt the atmosphere there was really good I found true meaning in life
I found peace that I never felt before peace in the Lord so I can say without reservation
I will follow God for the rest of my life after the service my soul felt especially sweet and joyful Lord how wonderful it will be if we can meet like this every day for 3 nights overwhelmed with joy
I thought Lord what have I received where am I so feel joy no money I have no family I have nothing and you know I was absolutely sure that this joy came from heaven.