Victor – Atlantida, Honduras

Grocery Store

Victor lives in a community of Atlantida in Honduras He is 26 years old and along with his wife Sindy has raised pigs since he was very young.

One of his current goals is to grow a broiler business and make some improvements in his business. He is a very enterprising young man, which is why, with his own effort, he now has a business where he sells food and other general consumer products. With the goal of expanding his business, he has incorporated the sale of dairy, meats, soft drinks, ice and other products that need refrigeration.

But at the moment he has a limitation since he lives in a zone where there is no access to electrical energy. Because of this, he has to supply and refrigerate these products in coolers, which generates a high cost because he has to buy ice daily which caused a decrease in his earnings.

This is why Victor is requesting financing to Soluz Honduras to obtain a solar Frezeer system, which will help him to better serve his customers and above all he will no longer spend money on the purchase of ice and will not have to travel great distances to get it. In this way, his business will increase his profits and his customers will be satisfied.

This loan is special because:

It pays for solar powered refrigerators to improve the quality of life.

A loan of $3,575 helps for the purchase of a solar freezer that will allow him to generate more income in his grocery store business.