Walter is 45 years old, and survives working as a janitor and caretaker of houses in a municipality of La Paz which is on the outskirts of the city.

Walter also does sewing and printing on clothing and one of his children helps him. As to the other child, this one is studying at the university. Walter is not married but has a partner who also helps him in his printing business. Walter also works as a salaried driver on the weekends.

Walter wants a loan which will serve him to have his sewing machines fixed up. Walter has as a goal to get his two children with university educations so that they have better work opportunities and don’t have to work at several jobs like he does. Walter hopes that the loan will allow him to stop working as a caretaker to work only in transportation and sewing and printing.

A loan of $1,025 helps to do maintenance on his sewing machines.