Ydania is a 30 year old woman. She lives in the department of CHUQUISACA, the province of HERNANDO SILES, in the municipality of HUACARETA. She lives in her own house. She will start a business sewing clothing where she will make traditional skirts and sweaters at her home. This would generate the income to support the food costs and her responsibilities paying the household expenses and others. She can create this income to pay her bills as she has training from an alternative education center “Nueva America” specializing in cutting and sewing. She has a husband and two children who are dependent on her. She will use the resources from the loan she has been awarded to buy machines and equipment to make clothing. Then she can have new work and her own business and thus generate a good income from her business. This would give her better living conditions and better well-being and live every day in her humble home.

This loan is special because:

It offers entrepreneurs loans with grace periods to set up new businesses.

A loan of $4,925 helped to buy machines and equipment for sewing clothing so she can have better products and improve her family’s income.


5% paid back as of June 2017